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The Mikulčice Mystery

I spent another half day at Mikulčice this last weekend hoping to continue mapping the energy lines I had discovered last time. I remain puzzled as to why a settlement of 2,000 people, no matter how important it may have been in the Great Moravian Princedom, had 12 churches? Why 12? The number of apostles perhaps? Anyway, it was a beautiful afternoon and when I arrived at the site, the sun was shining. A great afternoon to do some dowsing.

I started at church X again and verified my findings from two weeks previous before wandering around generally following my nose and trying to piece together the pattern of energies. I suppose I was a tad naive in retrospect as the more dowsing I did, the more I discovered. With at least 6 roughly east-west lines and one going NE-SW, I realized that this was a longer-term project. I soon had little arrows marked on the dowsingmapper app all over the place! The only consistency appearing to be that every church had a line running down its aisle and the rotundas surrounded energy centers. I even discovered that the ‘palace’ building also was situated on an energy line.

Dowsing record at start of my afternoon….

In the end I did what I could realising I needed a detailed plan of the site in order to continue and another day or so. A lot of the site is difficult to access being long grass and wild flowers. Beautiful but not great for walking in. Several of the churches are buried and so the plan is necessary as I need to place those churches too. So now I’m frantically googling for some form of site plan!

And at the end of the afternoon….

Anyway, it seems that the cathedral church has perhaps 4 energy lines running through it – not two. I found where the lines cross and I simply decided I didn’t care what people thought of me and I stood in it meditating. I felt the energy very strongly.

At each church, I spent time visualizing the energy as lines of light. I felt this seemed the right thing to do. At the end of the day, exhausted from tramping around the site (9km of tramping according to my Apple watch), I found myself at a rotunda church that previously I had not visited. Set away from the main location, I felt the privacy it offered gave me license to be a bit more… well .. arm wavy in meditation.

Maybe after several hours of tuning into the place and occasionally catching glimpses out of the corner of my eyes people that should not and were not there, and of visualizing lines and vortices of light, I had quite an experience. Standing there, I suddenly became aware of a white haired man in an off white robe with a very chunky staff of wood in my inner sight. I asked “Who are you?” The answer sounded like ‘mlkzydch’ – actually a very Slavic sounding sound. I asked again…. ‘vlkzyduch’ maybe…. The man then told me a number of quite surprising things including that many Slavs saw the energies as ‘rivers of light’. The image of him was then replaced with a huge wooden equal-armed cross and then the deepest crimson I ever saw which I took to be the color of the basal chakra and earth energy.

As I finished my meditation, I wanted to sit and make notes and discovered a bench under a huge, old Oak. How apt! Perun’s tree. It reminded me that earlier, in the cathedral church, I had called on Perun to guide me and when I opened my eyes, a large very black cloud had appeared and for a few moments it rained and there was a rumble….. apparently, Perun was pleased.

Yesterday, I tried to map out the lines on maps printed from a map site ( but I realised I had many gaps that needed to be filled on another visit. I also need to know where those other churches are located on the site…. I also googled the name I had been given…. I knew vlk meant wolf but I discovered that vzduk meant air or even breath. Vlkvzuk was translated by Google translate as ‘werewolf’!! I think the better translation is wolf breath to be honest. And why not? The wolf is a totem animal for Slavic pagans and is associated with Veles – the god of the underworld and the trickster god in the pantheon. It is also associated with Dažbog – god of the sun.

It seemed an apt name for a Slavic shaman of the 9th Century….. It made for an interesting end to a great day. Yet, the mystery of Mikulčice is unresolved and will need to wait for another day…..

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