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More Mapping

Yesterday, I took part of the state holiday to do a bit more mapping. I headed off towards Lelekovice but due to roadworks, I ended up passing through a town called Lipuvka where I noticed a church so, I thought I would start there. Indeed, there was a line running through the church as well as the kid’s playground behind it and I was able to track this street-to-street across the town.

The church is dedicated to St. Cecilia and dates back only to 1787 yet the energy line runs straight down its aisle (or perhaps at a slight angle to it). I have also noticed that kid’s playgrounds also often lie on the lines and there is one behind the church on the line as well. The line is quite strong – I could dowse it driving – and quite wide at about 10m. It registered to me as ‘positive’. I also tracked the line across the main road and across another kid’s playground before leaving the village.

I then drove along the road towards Sebrov and turned off to Vranov dowsing in the car. I found the line again crossing the road and parked the car to confirm before finding it again in the forest where I had parked. The line seemed to be bending towards Vranov and, from where I parked the car, the magnificent church in Vranov up on a hill, was visible and beautiful.

According to Wikipedia, “according to legend, in 1240 the Virgin Mary appeared here to a Moravian nobleman Vilém, who (affected by an eye defect) got lost in a deep forest. As he anxiously prayed to the Mother of God and begged for salvation, the Blessed Virgin appeared between the two oaks and not only showed him the way, but also healed his eyes. The statue of the Virgin Mary, in the form in which it appeared, was to remain miraculously among the oaks; William then had a wooden church built on the site, in which he placed the statue. The place quickly became famous, so a brick Gothic church was built here. However, even that was not enough for the pilgrims, so in 1630 the owners of the manor, the princes of Liechtenstein, had a new church built, including the Pauline monastery complex.

The Gothic sculpture of the Virgin Mary is one of the rarest monuments of its kind in Moravia. It is absolutely extraordinary in its design – it is not a classic Madonna and Child, but the Blessed Virgin is depicted without a child as a girl with a lovely face in a blue dress, in a position of humble prayer , with not fully clasped hands.

I went straight to the church and found it has two energy lines running through it and an energy vortex inside. I stood in the vortex and meditated for a while before following each of the lines in the village as best I could.

It did seem to me as if the line that I had found in Lipuvka did indeed bend around a bit and pass through the Vranov church as well and in doing so, it also passed through a wayside shrine some distance for the Vranov church and close to the forest location where I had last mapped it. The sighting of some of these crosses also appear to be on energy lines as when following another of the Vranov lines, it too passed by another roadside shrine.

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