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Another Type 4 and Super Wierdness

This weekend, we had little time to do some more work on the Type 4 Templar alignment but we did manage a quick trip Sunday afternoon. The plan was to drive up towards Velká Biteš on a smaller road and see f we could locate another position for the Perun and Mokosh energy lines along it. Seemed like a good plan right?!

Well, I took a wrong turn and so we were headed parallel to the D1 Prague-Brno motorway south of the motorway but some distance from where we wanted to be. Nevertheless, we drove slowly and dowsed in the car. We pretty soon hit a major line so we parked and jumped out. We found four closely spaced 15 pace lines and then a very strong 90 pace line that identified as negative. So we clapped hands thinking we had found the Mokosh line.

However, when I came to mark it on the map, something was badly wrong! This type 4 line and ghost was miles away from where it should be. We scratched our heads, double checked the lines and wondered what on earth was going on. We drove a few kilometers further and soon found another major line. Jumping out of the car, this too was 90 paces wide, told us it was positive and also had a four times 15 pace ghost. So what was going on? We had found two 90 pace lines – a negative and positive pair – but not where they should be.

Actually, we think we have probably found a new Type 4 energy line perhaps running more N-S and certainly, it would tie back to some spurious points we had mapped south of Lake Brno headed towards U Tri Krizu. Could it be that the reason U Tri Krizu had sooo confused us was because these two alignments crossed there? One thing is for sure, we need to go back there again and our job just became a bit harder and more time consuming especially if we have another alignment to map!

We then decided to try to get back on track with our original plan not having much time left. We were on the wrong road though. We decided to take a short cut on a small road but this petered out into nothing more than a dirt trail and my car simply isn’t designed for off roading! So, we gave up, turned around and decided we would simply head towards Velká BiteÅ¡ and take a different road back to Brno to see what we might find.

At this point, it was getting late. It was spring Equinox and I still had my Morana ceremony to do (more later) so we need some natural water for that as well. Eva then said that we should perhaps just go visit the building site where her eldest son was building a house to see if there were any lines to tell him about. So, we drove to that village dowsing in the car along the way but passed nothing major. We drove up onto the hillside above the village and parked heading in separate directions. Eva walked across the field to where her son’s new home is marked by wooden stakes and I walked down the street.

I couldn’t believe it. A 90 pace wide line and positive. It was Perun. We had found him as it runs straight through the site of her son’s new home! Eva confirmed that she too had found the same thing by the wooden stakes. We could NOT believe what had just happened and we decided that we simply must be guided….

Having more or less given up, Eva had the idea to check out the site of her son’s new home and hey presto! There it was! You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

We then resumed our trip to Brno but Eva knew a nice stream side site for my Morana drowning. We parked the car and walked down to the stream where I did my little Slavic ritual banishing winter and welcoming spring. It was a beautiful location and seemed to have the right sort of energies for such a ceremony. So, I dowsed my way back to the car. Yes, you probably guessed it ….. we had found Mokosh! She was right there where we had stopped at Eva’s suggestion to do the ritual.

I know that people probably won’t believe us. But it is true. We appear to be guided. Not only did we find the two points we were seeking – in a place we didnt really expect them to be honest – but – we also accidentally found another major line!

Videos coming this week on this trip….

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