Earth Magic Brno

Lines, Lines and Lines

For a few weeks, we have little or no opportunity to travel any great distance which means that exploring the Templar westwards is difficult. However, we have three type 4 alignments passing just north-west of Brno so there is plenty of work that can be done. We have spent and will spend more time tracking each one in greater detail and trying to see where they cross.

Tracking the lines across distance has gotten easier since we discovered that we can detect them driving from the car. This means we can move good distances using the road system to track the lines across country. Having done that however, we also need to go back and try to find walks that allow us to fill in some of the very large gaps that emerge that way. This takes considerably more time as you may imagine but is very rewarding. These type 4 lines are anything but straight!

This weekend, I am doing a bit of both mapping the north-south line further north and also filling in some gaps as time allows. I will post the usual update video during the week but yesterday was quite fun as I was approached by a man who was interested in my activities in his village. He was able to fill in some local detail and also dowse the lines for himself – he told me that he and his brother used to dowse for fun as kids! He is building a house and it is situated on one of the lines – the ‘female’ one as was the memorial stone marking the anniversary of the formation of Czechoslovakia that the village had placed. It also ran through an area that he told me was filled with natural springs and also had a cross placed upon it.

The more we map, the more important an area called U Tri Krizu seems to become. It seems all three lines cross this area and at least two of the ‘female’ lines cross at the site. But a quick look at our progress map shows just how many other type 3, 2 and 1 lines also cross in this area. I made a video talking about the area early on and its pagan and christian past as a place of worship and meditation. Yet much more work needs to be done here too to discover just where all the lines go in detail.

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