Earth Magic Brno

Drowning in Lines

The last few weeks, I have been trying to track the Templar line east of Brno. The problem is, I keep finding other lines. It is beginning to make some sense to me now but I am still quite amazed by the number of Type 4 lines in the area – these are 90-pace wide pairs – like the Michael and Mary line in the UK.

The Templar line runs north of Brno and seems to have one or two parallel lines following to the south of it as well as a north-south line intersecting them all. Now that should make for a rather energetic area north-east of Brno. Eva has been away but the one time she accompanied me and then took her dogs for a walk in the area on her own, she remarked at the strange energies in the area.

I’m still working on these lines and tracking them. The area concerned is the limestone karst that is filled with caves – some them can be visited and so its a touristy region. One cave was turned into a nuclear fallout shelter for the military and now can also be toured. Strangely enough, it is on the Templar line.

I also found an intersection of two of these lines last weekend just outside Sivice. As usual, there was a large church built at the point dedicated to Mary. The attached house next door has the all-seeing eye over its doorway and over St. Christopher.

Much more work is needed in this area to unravel everything.

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