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Sue Vincent’s Qabalah

In the back of the book – The Mystical Hexagram – that I collaborated on with Sue Vincent is a section on the Qabalah that she had written earlier and she suggested might belong in that book. So there it was placed and it does seem to belong there as well. But for those of you who knew Sue, you may not be aware of her view of the Qabalah that now sits as Appendix 1 in the book?

Titled An Overview of the Tree of Life Sue shines out from every word. Se had written it based on her many years of working with the tree of life and then it seems to have resided on her desk. I know little more of its origins but when I shared with her the original manuscript of the Hexagram book and asked if she might help me ‘finish’ it, she immediately sent her work to me and suggested including it. When I read it I can hear her beautiful voice and Yorkshire accent and it makes me smile…. it is filled with her joyous view of life and her habit of seeing the value of everything and everyone.

Perhaps just as importantly, since the hexagram material came through to me from Asteroth in meditation and became an obsession for several years, it fits because the major part of the received material deals with using the hexagram as a key to unlock more value in the tree of life – and other magical systems.

It really should be published in its own right as a pamphlet or similar to be honest. I miss Sue. I’m sure many others do too.

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