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The Devil and the Woke

I do not know where the term ‘woke’ came from but I always doubted it was correct English and I’m not frankly interested in its origins either. Back when I wrote my first book – Inner Journeys – I spent some time looking at two tarot cards – The Devil and The Lovers. These two cards are actually very similar and yet dramatically different and they have some relevance to todays woke silliness.

The Devil card shows Satan himself towering over two figures – male and female – who are chained below him.

Look closely however and you will see that the people are only loosely chained and could escape at any time if they so chose. Observe also the directions of gaze on the part of the three characters in the card.

Now, let’s compare with the Lovers card. Do you see the similarities?

In the Lovers, the Angel looks out while the woman looks up and the man across to the woman. As I wrote in Inner Journeys…

“For me, the man represents the normal waking self – the conscious person, and the female represents the inner or subconscious self. The Angel is the higher self. So what is revealed by this card is that the inner self is actually a pathway to the higher self. The card shows in occult (hidden) terms that the conscious self must look to the subconscious self to experience a connection with the Divine higher self – the one thing that is all. ” and I go on to write…

Looking more closely at the Devil card, it is apparent that, firstly the male and female figures look in opposite direction; inferring that the conscious and subconscious aspects of the person are out of synchronisation. In fact they are chained to a block of stone on which the Devil perches. The male and the female are not tightly chained. The chains are loose and either of the two people depicted could easily escape if they really wanted to. The stone block between the two people depicted could easily escape if they really wanted to. The stone block between the two figures only serves to reinforce the idea that they are separated by some gulf or barrier. Above them ominously sits Satan himself as the King of ignorance. While the Lovers card shows the result of a correct relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind, the Devil card shows what happens when that relationship is blocked. Not only is contact with the higher self, or God, lost but it is replaced by ignorance.

It seems to me that today, a lot of people are now stuck in Devil card mode. They feel trapped by fear and some even appear to celebrate this fact and call if being ‘woke’. Woke is a corrupted form of the word awakened and it belongs with the Devil card. The Lovers card shows how people in an awakened state really are. They have a correct and whole inner relationship and they see that the narratives of lies and fear are just that. They listen to their higher selves for guidance rather than the Guardian or CNN. The accept personal responsibility for their lives rather than outsource it to faceless Governments and they know with certainty that are FREE.

There is another side to all of this as well. While whomever it is that runs this world appears to be in the business of continuously subjugating the vast majority of humanity via fear and technology and the narrative of lies, they also leave signs everywhere. The signs show ways to awaken and escape their grasp. These are like the symbols on the US banknote and in many other contexts. It is as if they know that you do have free will and they cannot take that from you. They can hammer you into a hole of fear and despair, fill you with lies about history, gender, climate and vaccines, scare you to death with wars, terrorism and so on. Yet, in the end they have to allow you a way forward as well. It’s like those silly videos and memes that say – when you see it….

If I’m right about this, then it means that we can all awaken and throw off the shackles and especially now as we enter a new Age of Aquarius and because of the energy background the Earth is passing through right now.

So, take your chance. Awaken and be free.

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