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Earth Energy Line Weirdness

As you will know if following this blog and the youtube channel, I have some amazing and also weird experiences with energy lines. A case in point would be last weekend. On the Saturday, Eva and I set out with the objective of finding more points along the Templar line east of Brno. We had last found it at Krtiny where it crossed at a special place of Marian pilgrimage. I had also spent some time working back towards towards Brno to fill in some gaps and discovered several major energy lines in the area crossing each other at various locations and creating a strange energy. The only direction the Templar could be going was northwards.

Due to roadworks we needed to take a long way around to get to the road from Krtiny to Jedovnice and since it was rapidly closing in on lunch, Eva asked me if I would like to eat at a restaurant that she knew by the lake at Jedovnice. So as we approached the town with Eva driving, I was sat dowsing in the passenger seat. Since we had driven quiet the distance with nothing I decided to ask the rods a question.

“Which direction is the Templar line,”I asked aloud. The rods swung slightly and my gaze followed their indicated direction. I saw the church on a hill in Jedovnice in the distance so I followed by asking,

“How far is it to the Templar line? Is it less than 1pm?”

Immediately, the rods swung in yes.

I said to Eva, let’s go look at that church? She wanted to go to lunch but I was keen to make something of the day and so I said No – let’s go to that church then lunch. She nodded.

We actually had a time finding the church for even though it was on a hill, once you got between the houses, we couldn’t see it. So we parked and walked. As we walked we dowsed and as the church came into sight, we found a line. It was negative and 90-paces wide. It was the Mokosh line. As we reached the church, we found its pair – the Perun line, passing through the church. Eva looked at me and said “Wow! You talk to the rods and they talk back!””

Jedovnice is an older site dating back to the Slavic period and beyond with its earliest mention being later in 1251. The church dates back to the 13th Century and perhaps earlier but the current structure is modern. Being positioned on a hill, I suspect the site had earlier possibly even Slavic origins. We dowsed around the church finding a few more points on the lines to map and then walked back to the car which of course, was parked almost on the female line.

Time for lunch! So Eva drove us to the lakeside restaurant and I took a few photos and then took out the rods. I felt that there was something there. Yes, the restaurant itself was on the Mokosh line and we had parked the car in the Perun line. So, for the millionth time, we marvelled at how this alignment appears to find us and how it that so many places in Eva’s life seem to be on the line!


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