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All’s Well That Ends Well

Yesterday, Eva and I took a trip out to Vyskov, east of Brno, to continue tracking the Templar line. I had last tracked the line to a road just south of a village called Odruvky and north of Studnice in the Moravian karst. The plan was to drive out to Vyskov and then find a road north or northeastwards and dowse for the line. Part of the problem is that the area that the line would cross from its last location is inaccessible being Czech Armed Forces territory and we had some discussions on the way about whether I should try to remote dowse – and I decided I will give that a try.

However, as we drove along little windy roads, there was no sign of any line until we approached the village of Podivice. There, by the church, we found two 90-pace wide lines side by side along with a series of four tightly spaced 12-pace lines. I didn’t think this was the Templar but rather another line I had picked up to the south of the Templar before. We mapped it none the less and took a look at the church. The church is dedicated to Saints Cyril and Methodius, but it is very modern having been built in 1910.

I felt that we should be further north and so we set off again towards Brodek u Prostejova and on arrival passing the chateau, I detected a line so we parked up and took a look around. In fact, after quite a bit of back and forth and dowsing comparisons, we realised that we had not one but two alignments and a node at or nearby the chateau. At first we felt like one might be the Templar and the other an extension of the line we had just mapped at Podivice as it also had the for tightly spaced 12-pace lines by its side.

According to its website, the town was first mentioned in 1334 and it flourished in the 14th Century. The area has a long history of human settlement however and archeological finds demonstrate this. In 1866, the German Crown Prince Bedřich was based in the chateau in the town and he later became emperor of the Austrian -Hungarian empire. The chateau dates to 1685.

We thought that one of the lines could be the Templar line and so we consulted maps and made a plan to follow this line to see if it would curve around in a direction that would suggest it joined my last known spot many kilometers away. The problem was it seemed to be running in the wrong direction and could well be another alignment that I had also mapped earlier in the summer in the south Brno area. Luckily, there was a rough single track road – perfect for my new Jimny – and so off we went picking up the lines at multiple locations where it crossed the track. As the day began to fade, it was becoming apparent that no matter what our wish may be, this line wasn’t the Templar either.

Despite the cold and beginnings of darkness, we decided to go just a little farther north to Otaslavice and have another look.

Imagine if you will grey winter skies streaked with areas of light towards the sunset. The light fading rapidly. As we descended downwards into Otaslavice, we noted a hill and the ruins of a tower against the fading light. It’s a strange thing but as soon as I saw this my heart leapt. We navigated our way towards it and parked in a valley with a river and lakes running through it and high rises on both sides. On one side the tower and on the other as Eva had googled, an archeological site of an old settlement or fort.

As Eva assaulted the hill with the tower, I dowsed and discovered two 90-pace wide lines that had a certain feeling of familiarity about them. This was the Templar! I then climbed the hill as well to find Eva sat in meditation behind the tower facing into the valley. Her face a big glowing smile. The negative line ran through the tower and Eva was bathing in it. It’s truly hard to describe the feel of the place – magickal, evocative – it reminded me of Christmas Eve somehow!

We soon discovered that there was originally two Castles here – an upper and a lower. Both were located on the lines – Perun and Mokosh. As we walked in the darkness trying to bottle the atmosphere deep within our being, we found the church and discovered that too was built in the Perun line. The church was dedicated to St. Michael and locked.

Later, we discovered just how ancient the site is with archeologists discovering multiple inhabitations back to the bronze ages and beyond. Research also showed an interesting link for us anyway. The original owners of the Castles was the Bishop of Olomouc and he was the grandson of Jindrich of Hradec – the founder of Jindrichuv Hradec where there are two churches located on the Templar line one being the mysterious Templar John the Baptist. His father – Vitek – was also the owner of Vitek’s Castle outside of Jindrichuv Hradec said to be frequented by Templars too. The families symbol is even in the coat of arms of Otaslavice! To me, this confirmed that we had found the extension of the Templar alignment.

With it being so late in the day and so cold, we will have to return and spend a lot more time investigating this location. But you know, once again, the lines had led us to a wonderful place of power and mystery that neither of us had heard or or even knew existed.

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