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Earth Magic Brno

G. Michael Vasey

Earth Magic Brno is an informal study and exploration group founded by Dr. Gary M. Vasey. Its objective is to engage with the Moravian and broader Czech lands through meditation, dowsing, magic & shamanism and the Slavic pantheon of deities. It offers informal get togethers in the landscape, meditation sessions, and even some courses in magic to anyone who is interested and is prepared to contribute. Contact us at for further information.

Recently, Gary has been dowsing a Type 4 energy line across Czechia that he calls the Templar Ley line and has discovered some very important sites along the way suitable for connecting with Earth energies and meditation as well as solved one or two other mysteries regarding Templar treasures and the like…. The two energy lines that run along the leyline, they have named the Mokosh and Perun lines and they are actively tracking them. You can follow that progress on the Youtube channel.

Gary moved to Brno 14-years ago from Texas – but is actually British by birth. Over the last few years, he set out to connect with the land exploring Templar, Slavic and Celtic locations in Moravia and farther afield. From there, he fell in love with the Slavic pantheon of deities – in particular the Goddesses. He has written three books about the magic of connecting with the land. He started Earth Magic Brno to find like-minded people who would enjoy exploring magic and shamanism, the Slavic pantheon and working magically with the land.

Gary has been intrigued by the nature of reality all of his life and this ultimately led him to a school of magic in the UK. A second degree initiate and past supervisor in the Servants of the Light school, he has also worked quite a bit with the Silent eye in recent years. He is also the author of numerous books covering everything from hedge funds to magic. He also runs a ghost story website and has a podcast series called the magical world of G. Michael Vasey.

Where to find more information

We look forward to working with you in the area of meditation, magic and connecting with the land……. do reach out and contact us!

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