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Defining Magic

Magic. Magic is real. But, it isn’t like Harry Potter and real schools of magic look nothing like Hogwarts. Magic is about changing your inner self and doing so, you change the outer world. Magic is about being in the moment led through life by amazing synchronicities. Magic is about acting as if…….

It uses imagination, visualization, meditation, and yes, ritual.

It requires discipline, focus and concentration.

This is NOT a school of magic – if you look for one, I can point you to many. However, I do offer two approaches to discovering the magic. The first via my book The New You is for beginners. The second via the book The Mystical Hexagram is for experienced magicians.

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Being In the Magic

When in the magic, life flows. When in the stream, the Earth glows. Everything becomes part of a pattern. Perhaps the pattern is at first unseen and then it is not understood but in the end there is a glimpse of a one thing so beautiful, so amazing, and so all encompassing that it takes your breathe away. And this. This is the gift of the goddess.

Imagination is the key to magic. Meditation and prayer helps.

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The New You

You can recreate yourself as a more confident and more successful person skilled in getting exactly what you want. This short course will introduce you to a few simple concepts of how to create a new life – a new reality – for yourself and to succeed with it.

It’s really quite simple. Imagination, visualization, meditation, prayer and other time proven techniques to help you change your life. When combined with learning how to spot and eliminate your own negative thinking – your own conspiracy theories – you can and you WILL change everything.

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The Mystical Hexagram

For those who have experience with magic and hermeticism yet would like to try something a bit different, this exploration of the Hexagram as the key to unlocking more from other magical systems may be of interest. The book includes a series of exercises that you are invited to try. G. Michael Vasey will be happy to review your magical diaries as you go through these exercises and offer feedback as well as discuss the importance of the Hexagram as an occult symbol.

Written by G. Michael Vasey and Sue Vincent

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As I continued my unhurried tour of the Castle grounds, He was all around me and the air was filled with magic. It was a treat – a special treat – I think. The Cathedral was ablaze in the sun yet a rain shower was behind it and a huge rainbow opposite it. The rain is seen as the result of Perun winning his battle with Velos – the horned God and the rainbow seemed to me to celebrate His victory. Even a half moon shone down on the scene so the Goddess was watching on.

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