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The Templar Ley Project

A ley line is a straight line that connects 4 or more sites of esoteric, spiritual or historical interest. The Templar ley connects several sites in Moravia including the Basilica in Trebič, a chapel on a hill outside of Telč and the John the Baptist Church in Jindřichuv Hradec. Watch an informative video on the ley here.

Follow as we track the energy lines associated with the Templar ley line across Czechia!

Energy Lines

The Templar ley is made up of two 90-pace wide Type 4 energy lines – one is positive and the other negative. We have called the negative line the Mokoš line and the positive line the Perun line after the Slavic deities. Where these lines cross, they create an energy vortex and the energies can be felt strongly at these locations.

Tracking the lines

You can follow our adventures tracking the lines on the blog here or by subscribing to our YouTube channel – we post videos showing our progress and highlighting the many energetic, beautiful and surprising places that we find along the way.

Meditation at the Vortices

Join us on the four special times of the year – the solstice and equinoxes at the special sites along the ley to meditate on world peace and a lift in human consciousness. send us an email at

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