Connecting with the Land

The land. Earth. Often also associated with the Goddess.

Connecting with the land is when one engages in an exploration of the landscape and earth energies. It usually involves visiting ancient sites like stone circles, monoliths, Celtic or Slavic settlements, Castles, Churches and places of power. It can also involve working with these energies in any number of ways through deities, dowsing, ritual and much more.


Learn more about dowsing as we try to map and follow lines of power through the local landscape.

Explore the Landscape

Once conditions allow, join us in exploring the Czech landscape and connecting with the land via organized excursions (own transport, food and drink required.) Stay posted for further details.


Read about G. Michael Vasey’s work with the local landscapes via his books in the Magic of Connecting with the Land Series on Amazon and via the blog on this website.