A little bit here, a little bit there

I’ve been quiet for a variety of reasons but mainly because of those reasons, I haven’t been able to get out and dowse…. except for a little here and a little there. So, on walks or trips, I was able to get the rods out in certain places and see what I could find.

I found another 25m thick line out by the Brno Lake and then a bunch of lines in the middle of nowhere at a well for example. I also found multiple small lines around Pernstejn Castle but it was closed so I could not go in and find the vortex….. but I will in the spring.

Finding Type 3 Lines in Brno

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey

Today, I decided to follow a new small line from the city out to the edge of town. There did seem to be some kind of message for me as well as I passed a language school where once I had made a vain attempt to learn Czech and then later, to my utter amazement, I found myself outside the front door of an apartment that a friend of mine had organized Czech lessons for us years and years ago…. so, I better start learning again it seemed to me.

The big thing though was that as I am following this 5m line north north east, my rod twitched and turned and stayed turned for a count of 26 paces. I checked, double checked and triple checked it there and on the other side of the broad road. Yep. I had found my first Type 3 line going east-west. I…

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The Great Trickster?

Today, I spent several hours dowsing in Brno. I started at a place where I had an energy line doing a 90 degree bend. I have a few of those and I suspect that in each case, I walked in on one line and out on another. I.e. two lines cross. So I went to as place I have been twice before to check and recheck.

I immediately discovered a line I had not found before although I had at one time found one point on this line in another street I could see from my mapping software and discounted it as an erroneous one. The funny thing is that the line crossed an area I am quite familiar with but a bit higher up the hillside where to my utter amazement, I discovered a natural spring with symbols on it that show serpents!

How I had never seen this in 14 years in Brno is beyond me but….. I started to follow the line across the area – it passes in front of the spring – where I am taking the photo above in fact. I tracked it down some steps to more familiar territory. However, here I was confronted with something bizarre….

Stones dressed in clothing – two female and a middle male. I have to tell you, my first thought was the Shaman was at it again…..

From there, I headed with the line and then spent time trying to differentiate between three closely spaced lines. This area, just meters away from the City’s cathedral appears to be a node with several lines running through it so it gets a bit messy and I spend a lot of time trying to track each line away from the node. I have to laugh again as tracking one of the lines I see that it and another line are both headed towards a building in the street. Each building has similar architecture but only this one has non-standard air vent covers all along its front. Again, I smile a wry smile… the lines have a sense of humor it seems?

The air vent covers seems to me to show two lines crossing and a node of three petals! They are fairly recent but still? Something had a sense of humor don’t you think?

From here I tracked back following one line and decided to stop back home for a cup of tea. There I decided to investigate another strange twist in another line on my current map and so off I set again in a different direction. Again, I soon discovered that there were two lines not one and I set off following the new line (well partially picked up hence the bulge in the line on the map). I followed it across the hospital grounds and realised it was headed back towards the major node where I had spent so much time that morning. Yes, this new line took me back to the same place with the three stone pillars dressed as people! When I realised this, I think I had to sit down and marvel at the synchronicity involved, wonder if the force behind the universe is indeed a trickster and again, question the involvement in this of my shaman?

As I walked home, I had a number of strange realisations about reality and how we create it. It suddenly seemed to me that we are truly capable of creating our reality via imagination and acting things out so long as we then believe 150% that our reality will form – the Universe will give us what we want. It seems to me we are stuck in a matrix-like creation however in which our minds and magical energy are taken from us and used by those in power to create their version of reality. Not only must we strive to create our reality but we must also deny them our energy by not becoming trapped within the matrix and its narratives……

All that from tracking energy lines.

More work to do tomorrow. I cannot wait to see what the great Trickster has in store.

Churches and Playgrounds

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey

I didn’t have much time to work on the lines today but I got out and went to an area where I had gaps in Brno. Originally, I thought I was working three lines. Then I found a fourth and then a fifth, sixth and so on. I’m still finding new lines. And I no longer have a view of what it all looks like but in time I will. So, I went off towards the Olympia mall and pulled off into Modřice where I had noticed a church back in the town.

Parking the car, I soon found a 12 pace wide line at the church however, it did not run down the aisle. Rather it just caught the alter side of the church. A little south of the church it ran through a kid’s playground (new as well!) and I managed to track it in the vicinity running…

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Looking for a Major Energy Line

This last weekend, I took a trip over towards Pisek. It was about a 200km one-way trip and 6 hours 20 minutes driving for the round trip. In an upcoming Magical World of G. Michael Vasey podcast, I will be talking to Rory Duff. Rory is another geologist that got started dowsing energy lines a long time ago in his native UK and has since become something of a big name in earth energy circles. as we discussed the podcast, we got talking and he told me about a major energy line that he felt passed through the Czech Republic and we soon hatched a plan for me to go out there and see if I could find it. He had identified a 12th Century church as a likely place to start. It was the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul in Abrechtice nad Vltavou. So off I went on Sunday.

I arrived at the church and found a parking lot just by it. As soon as I jumped out of the car, I could feel something and in no time at all I was marveling at the widest energy line I have ever dowsed. It was an entire 25m across and took in the entire church! It followed the same azimuth pretty much as the church itself. I spent quite a lot of time with that line as I could not quite believe what I was dowsing! The widest line I had ever dowsed in and around Brno was 12m wide!

Quite pleased with myself, I sent Rory an email saying I had found a 25m line. I thought he would say – good – that’s it. What he actually said was the line I was looking for would be 90m wide and this wasn’t it…. 90m wide?

Anyway, I marveled at this little church which has original paintings on the walls inside and features a graveyard with paintings all around the church. Some of the images featured dragons including one inside over the alter and many were fairly strange to be honest for a christian church. Dragons, as my readers will know, are often code for earth energies. I found a website with some details of this beautiful little church…..

“The church is situated in a small hill on the hill. Its original Romanesque style is revealed mainly by a prismatic tower with characteristic double windows on the top floor. Its origins can be traced to the  second half of the 12th century . The first written report is from the years 1344 – 1350.

Of interest in the hall are two tombstones from the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century made to the late Knights of Oudraž. The inscription on the larger stone belongs to the noble knight Mr. Bohuslav Oudražský of Kestřany and Oudraží (+1610) and the inscription on the smaller stone to the named children, Ctibor (+1599), Jan (+1605) and Alžběta (+1606). The painterly decoration of the interior is extremely important , where the walls are covered with a monumental composition of the Last Judgment, divided into several strips. The paintings as a whole are preserved especially in the presbytery, where they were discovered in 1943 by the academic painter Jiří Jelínek.

The original appearance of the church was significantly changed by numerous repairs, extensions and reconstructions. The first half of the 19th century brought relatively serious interventions to the church and related buildings. Extensive construction activities were related to the  activity of the local priest Vít Cíza , who worked in Albrechtice from 1819 to 1854. In 1828, he had the church whitewashed, Fr. Jenschta from Český Krumlov repaired the organ, a new railing to the staircase was taken from the nave on the bar and the sacristy, the dungeon and the ossuary were covered with new shingles. A year later, a tomb of God was built in the church . In 1830 an outbuilding, the so-called oratorio, was built on the opposite side of the sacristy, in 1832 a large bell was poured overon the tower and there was a significant exterior modification of the eastern end of the church. In 1840, the painter František Mikule of Jinín also made a copy of the painting of St. Peter and Paul on the main altar, which six years later painted for the Church of Albrecht and paintings of the Stations of the Cross. At Cíz’s initiative, a new dial on the tower clock with gilded numbers was also made , the altar and pulpit were decorated, the ossuary was repaired and the emblem of the patron saint, Prosper, Count of Berchold, was painted on the triumphal arch.

However, the church was devastated for many years and even in 1947 rare paintings were demolished. These were rediscovered and restored by academic painters František Kotrba and Karel Mezera in 1962. Another renovation of the church was carried out in 1988 , when the tower clock was repaired. At the same time, their manual winding was changed to electric . A new dial with gilded numbering was also installed. Furthermore, a new roofing of the whole church, copper cladding, stucco plaster and coatings were carried out.

I also found a normal 5m line passing through the church so in fact, there is a node of the 25m and 5m lines inside the building.

Not sure how to find this huge line Rory was looking for, I decided to follow the 25m line through the village. I soon found myself on a track-like road headed out of the village and decided I would drive slow and dowse. I detected something and so parked the car and walked back. As the rods crossed, I started counting paces… one, two, three…. to my utter amazement, I counted 92 paces! I checked that and rechecked it. I had found a 90m wide energy line and only a stone’s throw away from the church! It was in the middle of nowhere though….

I ended up spending my time tracking it and the 25m lines through the village and at least established their directions.

Rory believes that there is another major line crossing the country that crosses this one and my next task is to find it and the node that would be formed by the two of them crossing. Unfortunately, I had little time left and had to leave. I decided though to drive up past Pisek as this is where the lines seemed to pass according to Rory’s remote dowsing. Due to traffic, I couldn’t really do much but as I cam upon a small town there was a fayre and people everywhere. I picked up a line there so I parked and paced another 94 pacer! I found it at two points and it seems to be on the right direction to be the other line…. more work is needed to confirm…..

What struck me about the day was that I had found two 90m thick lines and a 25m thick line! What I am mapping in Moravia are small by comparison! This means that I am now tuned into the major lines…. so we will see. Another trip is needed but next time, I will take the weekend.

I posted a video about the day also.

More Mapping

Yesterday, I took part of the state holiday to do a bit more mapping. I headed off towards Lelekovice but due to roadworks, I ended up passing through a town called Lipuvka where I noticed a church so, I thought I would start there. Indeed, there was a line running through the church as well as the kid’s playground behind it and I was able to track this street-to-street across the town.

The church is dedicated to St. Cecilia and dates back only to 1787 yet the energy line runs straight down its aisle (or perhaps at a slight angle to it). I have also noticed that kid’s playgrounds also often lie on the lines and there is one behind the church on the line as well. The line is quite strong – I could dowse it driving – and quite wide at about 10m. It registered to me as ‘positive’. I also tracked the line across the main road and across another kid’s playground before leaving the village.

I then drove along the road towards Sebrov and turned off to Vranov dowsing in the car. I found the line again crossing the road and parked the car to confirm before finding it again in the forest where I had parked. The line seemed to be bending towards Vranov and, from where I parked the car, the magnificent church in Vranov up on a hill, was visible and beautiful.

According to Wikipedia, “according to legend, in 1240 the Virgin Mary appeared here to a Moravian nobleman Vilém, who (affected by an eye defect) got lost in a deep forest. As he anxiously prayed to the Mother of God and begged for salvation, the Blessed Virgin appeared between the two oaks and not only showed him the way, but also healed his eyes. The statue of the Virgin Mary, in the form in which it appeared, was to remain miraculously among the oaks; William then had a wooden church built on the site, in which he placed the statue. The place quickly became famous, so a brick Gothic church was built here. However, even that was not enough for the pilgrims, so in 1630 the owners of the manor, the princes of Liechtenstein, had a new church built, including the Pauline monastery complex.

The Gothic sculpture of the Virgin Mary is one of the rarest monuments of its kind in Moravia. It is absolutely extraordinary in its design – it is not a classic Madonna and Child, but the Blessed Virgin is depicted without a child as a girl with a lovely face in a blue dress, in a position of humble prayer , with not fully clasped hands.

I went straight to the church and found it has two energy lines running through it and an energy vortex inside. I stood in the vortex and meditated for a while before following each of the lines in the village as best I could.

It did seem to me as if the line that I had found in Lipuvka did indeed bend around a bit and pass through the Vranov church as well and in doing so, it also passed through a wayside shrine some distance for the Vranov church and close to the forest location where I had last mapped it. The sighting of some of these crosses also appear to be on energy lines as when following another of the Vranov lines, it too passed by another roadside shrine.

High Weirdness

This weekend, I had quite a lot of time to go dowsing and resumed my tracking of energy lines in the Brno area. Of course, it is a full moon today (September 20th) and perhaps that was driving some of the happenings and realisations that occurred to me this weekend? In fact, things got so weird that I made this impromptu video (apologies for poor sound quality).

The first thing to say is that I have been searching for the 4th energy line in Brno for some time as I know they come in pairs. I had tried some remote dowsing and that indicated that it lay to the north of Brno and it did. As I followed a line northwards out of Brno, I finally arrived in Bolivice nad Svitavou and tracked the line to the magnificent church there. As usual, I circled the church and found another line crossing inside the church. It was open so I went inside and discovered it to be full of radiant energies and signs that perhaps, they knew this? I also discovered a church dedicated to Saints Cyril and Methodius – yes, the one’s who christianized the Slavs!

It is a recently built church – 1910ish – and I can find no information regarding the site prior to the church being built as of yet. However, I was struck by the connection to the Slavs vie the dedication of the church. I tracked the lines a bit further north but then turned my attention to the line that headed west – where did it go?

The process I follow is to go village to village as there is little you can do in between. So, I headed to a village called Sobešice just north of Brno. I checked mapy.cz to see if there was a church or anything and saw a monastery. So, I thought I would start there. This is where having spent 10 minutes driving up and down looking for a parking spot, I pulled in to a side street and parked randomly only to discover I had parked in the energy line! I did find the line immediately passing through the monastery and a road side shrine. I then followed it street to street across the village.

I then had to do another hop across and since that took me to where I had mapped another energy line out of Brno, I decided to pick that one up and follow it north. I managed easily as seen in the video because again, I parked on the line and had help from a butterfly and feathers!

I had been dowsing for 6 hours by now and was getting a tad tired but looking at the map, I could see that there were three villages were both lines may be headed and only one had a proper church – Lelekovice. I soon found the church and another set of crossing energy lines passing through it. This church was locked unfortunately. The Lelekovice Church is the oldest standing building in the village. Its origins date back to around the middle of the 13th century. At the end of the 15th century, the whole church was rebuilt and at that time Romanesque windows were also walled up and the southern sacristy was added. It was also part of a Castle that I had never known about and the ruins of the Castle are just outside the church.

So, quite a bit of progress but so much more to do….. I must also do more research on these two vortex church sites to see what their history is.

Pohansko – A Slavic Fortified Settlement

There appears to be a relationship between Slavic settlements from the 900-1100 period and Earth energy lines in Moravia. One of the most important fortified settlements lies south of Breclav in the midst of a magical forest and is called Pohansko. Truthfully, there isn’t much to see but the museum there is wonderful and if you look hard, you can find the remains of a small church. Needless to say, there is an energy line passing through it. So I made this video this summer about the site…

Now, I have often posted about butterflies surrounding me. In this video, please note the butterflies and towards the end, when I was dowsing the line, I was swarmed by them as you will see. I’m not imagining this.