Earth Energies and Us

Yesterday, I spent part of the afternoon hiking with my daughter as it is half-term here. She wasn’t keen. Walking and hiking is for old people apparently! Despite that, I did manage to drag her out for a couple of hours. We drove a little east of Brno where I knew there was a nice stream valley that could take a short hike up. There used to be a castle on the hilltop at the end and halfway along was the site of an old Slavic settlement. The settlement had been abandoned in the 1300’s when the Castle was built.

It was sunny and not too cold. A great day for it. The first 500m were a constant stream of out loud disgust at walking, nature and dowsing from my daughter but after a while, it stopped. She began to enjoy it.

As we walked up the valley, I pointed out the conglomerates cropping out on one side. I explained how the deposit happened and even showed her which way the water currents were flowing based on the pebble alignment in the rock. She wanted fossils but I told her that there would be no fossils in such a high-energy environment. Some layers held huge rounded gneiss cobbles and others smaller pebbles held in a coarse-grained sand. Plainly, this was very high-energy at times.

When we finally reached the site of the Castle, there was nothing to see except the hillside and a sign showing how it may have looked. She was intrigued as to why it was sited there and who would have lived there. I told her that this area was the site of a trade route where salt and amber and other things were traded. She likened it to Skyrim – a role playing computer game and I had to admit, it did resemble the game in terms of look and use. On the way back, I pointed out the settlement site – now just a field. She and her dog enjoyed it I think.

However, for me it confirmed that there really is a relationship between earth energies and us. I encountered two pairs of type 4 lines on the trek. The first pair passed through the settlement site and the second pair through the Castle site. Amazing.

My research here has already convinced me that the Slavs (800-1100) were well aware of the energy lines. Every site and every church on every site is situated on lines. My other research has shown how churches and castles etc., are often sited on the lines as well. The question is – was this deliberate or accidental in the sense that the energies were detected but only as a – nice place here – lets build? Are the lines attracted to human conscious intent? This is an area I become increasingly interested in. And why do the lines often appear to have a knowledge of my past?

It’s a wonderful mystery…..

The Lords of Hradec and The Templar Line

As we have dowsed, followed and researched the Templar line, a historical family keeps on coming up – that of the Lords of Hradec. We encountered them in places like Jindrichuv Hrádec, where their five petalled yellow rose is plain to see on the ceilings and walls of the church of St. John the Baptist, to the east of Jindrichuv Hrádec, close to Vítküv Hrádec by Blažejov and more sites besides….

Who were the Lords of Hradec?

They are an ancient family in Czechia that date back to one Henry of Hradec or lord Jindřicha Vítkovci.  He was the founder of the independent Vítkovci family line of lords of Hradec and he used a coat of arms with five-petal golden rose on the blue background. Henry’s seat was in Jindrichuv Hrádec where a castle was built on the site of a Slavic-era fort. So, this site has significance going back to 700-800. He is also recorded as having invited the Teutonic and Templar orders to his Castle in the period 1220-1230. It was this Jindřich Vítkovice of Prčice and Hradec and Bishop of Olomouc at the time that founded the monastery at Velehrad.

His son, Vitek, built the Castle at nearby Blažejov and dedicated it to the Teutonic Knights in 1267. The family was close to both the Teutonic order of knights and the Templar order of knights during this period. Vitek was also Olomouc burgrave (Witco de Novadomo Olomucensis castellanus) and he acquired some additional lands in Moravia.

Vitek’s son, Oldrich was next in line but his younger brother, Dêtrich z Hrádec was Bishop of Olomouc in 1281 – 1302. He promoted the town of Kromeriž to a city and established a collegiate chapter at the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul here in Brno. The original owner of the two Castles at Otaslavice was also this same the Bishop of Olomouc. The families symbol is even in the coat of arms of Otaslavice! To me, this confirmed that we had found the extension of the Templar alignment.

Oldrich I’s son was also an Oldrich and he had many estates in the area. His relationship with the Templar order cannot be in doubt as he donated patronage of the church in Stodůlky near Prague and he also supported the Teutonic order of Knights.

His son, Oldrich III and he contributed to the reconstruction of his castle headquarters in Jindřichův Hradec, the completion of the of Church of St. John the Baptist and began the construction of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. He gave the church of St. John the Baptist to the Teutonic order before giving it to the Minorites as the basis for their monastery and replaced that by giving the Church of the Assumption of Mary to the Teutonic Knights.

The grandson of Oldrich III, Henry III also owned an estate in Telč and built the castle there.

It seems this family is somehow associated with parts of the Templar alignment. They built two churches on nodes on the line in Jindrichuv Hradec, they built a castle on the line in Telč and Jindrichuv Hradec. But more importantly, it seems that is was they who invited the Templars and closely related Teutonic knights to the region and perhaps in reality, it was these two orders who knew of the earth energies?

Czechia energy Lines Update

We continue to work away on mapping the Templar line across Czechia. We have a gap to close east of Brno that is waiting on longer days as its a couple of hours to drive out there and then back meaning…. more time needed. There is also a spot west of Jindrichuv Hradec that needs firmed up and one vortex that seems a bit too far south to check near the German border. This will need to wait for summertime as it needs a few days off to tackle. But the alignment is shown below….

A far bigger issue is that we have discovered so many other Type 4 lines now! Each of these needs to be carefully mapped as well and so the work here begins to feel like its to be the rest of my life. Not that I am worried by that. I can’t think of anything much better to focus on….

The other thing is to find and repair the vortices associated with these lines. I am sending this information to Rory Duff for inclusion in the Sacred Network site. This will mean that others can find them, visit them and work with them if they so desire.

Stay tuned here and at the Youtube channel (please subscribe) for updates and more details….

Shiva’s Stones and Seven Chakras

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In the last few days, I have seen a number of references to what is termed the Wawel Chakra. This is a place on Wawel Hill near Krakow in Poland, which is believed to emanate powerful energies. There is a story with murky origins that says that this is one of the seven chakras of the Earth itself. The story has it that,

Many Moons ago, Lord Shiva threw seven stones towards seven parts of the world, one of which landed in Krakow in the Wawel Castle. The places that were hit were instantly imbued with the God’s energy and remain so to this day. The seven places, know as the world’s chakras, are Delhi, Delphi, Jerusalem, Krakow, Mecca, Rome and Velehrad.

Now, as I said, this is an urban legend and depending on what and who you read, can be attributed to many origins. What struck me about this legend however, was that there is one location on the list that I suspect most people have never heard of. Velehrad.

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Velehrad is actually in the Czech Republic a stone’s throw from my home. I talk about extensively in my book, Chasing Dragon’s in Moravia..

Velehrad is a small village with a significant past and is the center of an important pilgrimage in the Czech Republic. It is thought of as the 9th Century capital of the Slavic state of Great Moravia and recent archeological work has turned up some evidence of that period. These days though, it is known for the Basilica there. The Basilica of the Assumption and of St. Cyril and Methodius.

800 years ago, it is said that 12 Cistercian monks founded a monastery in Velehrad. A national pilgrimage now takes place every July which draws thousands of pilgrims. Pope John Paul II visited the monastery in 1990, his first visit outside the country after the fall of Communism. On July 5th every year, the site is inundated with pilgrims to celebrate the evangelization of the Slavs by the two Greek missionaries (Sts. Cyril and Methodius) in the 9th century. It features some Romanesque remnants and is a very beautiful building.

I noticed immediately that at the back of the church around the alter and in the Romanesque part, there are tremendous Earth energies. While we were there, several people had arrived seeking healing and undoubtedly, it is these pulsating energies that they seek and utilize. My friend, who usually professes to feel nothing at all, also felt the energy. I took a few moments to meditate and redirect the healing energies to another friend in need of it and trust that it found its way.

The energy is palpable and strong. I am convinced that this was an ancient site, and I am also convinced for some reason that it was a spring. Indeed, a waterway filled with clean and clear water runs past the basilica today. It also struck me that while the conventional wisdom might say the Velehrad means Great Castle or something similar, it might also be a corruption of Veles Hrad and refer to the Earth energies located there?

Recently, I visited Velehrad with Eva and showed her the earth energy lines passing through the church.There is a pair of 15-pace wide lines that pass parallel to the aisle of the church and a pair of 15-pace wide lines that intersect at a right angle. So what you have is four vortices close to each other of 15-pace wide lines crossing. The energies that these exhibit are the ones discussed above and they are used for healing within the church building. Strangely enough, and as mentioned in the book, the two very powerful vortices by either side of the alter actually have dragons signalling their existence in the form of endings of guttering. (Dragon – Earth energy association). Not only that, but at the other end of the church by the other two vortices, the outer face of the building is clearly marked with spiral symbols just like those formed by a vortex. Finally, archeological work exposed tile work marked by dragon’s as well – something the archeologist was puzzled by – why would the symbol of evil be in a church? he asked. Well, because it isn’ t a symbol of evil but of Earth energy….

So could this church with its huge pilgrimage, healing and amazing energies be the Chakra mentioned in the urban legend?

I would like to think so.

All’s Well That Ends Well

Yesterday, Eva and I took a trip out to Vyskov, east of Brno, to continue tracking the Templar line. I had last tracked the line to a road just south of a village called Odruvky and north of Studnice in the Moravian karst. The plan was to drive out to Vyskov and then find a road north or northeastwards and dowse for the line. Part of the problem is that the area that the line would cross from its last location is inaccessible being Czech Armed Forces territory and we had some discussions on the way about whether I should try to remote dowse – and I decided I will give that a try.

However, as we drove along little windy roads, there was no sign of any line until we approached the village of Podivice. There, by the church, we found two 90-pace wide lines side by side along with a series of four tightly spaced 12-pace lines. I didn’t think this was the Templar but rather another line I had picked up to the south of the Templar before. We mapped it none the less and took a look at the church. The church is dedicated to Saints Cyril and Methodius, but it is very modern having been built in 1910.

I felt that we should be further north and so we set off again towards Brodek u Prostejova and on arrival passing the chateau, I detected a line so we parked up and took a look around. In fact, after quite a bit of back and forth and dowsing comparisons, we realised that we had not one but two alignments and a node at or nearby the chateau. At first we felt like one might be the Templar and the other an extension of the line we had just mapped at Podivice as it also had the for tightly spaced 12-pace lines by its side.

According to its website, the town was first mentioned in 1334 and it flourished in the 14th Century. The area has a long history of human settlement however and archeological finds demonstrate this. In 1866, the German Crown Prince Bedřich was based in the chateau in the town and he later became emperor of the Austrian -Hungarian empire. The chateau dates to 1685.

We thought that one of the lines could be the Templar line and so we consulted maps and made a plan to follow this line to see if it would curve around in a direction that would suggest it joined my last known spot many kilometers away. The problem was it seemed to be running in the wrong direction and could well be another alignment that I had also mapped earlier in the summer in the south Brno area. Luckily, there was a rough single track road – perfect for my new Jimny – and so off we went picking up the lines at multiple locations where it crossed the track. As the day began to fade, it was becoming apparent that no matter what our wish may be, this line wasn’t the Templar either.

Despite the cold and beginnings of darkness, we decided to go just a little farther north to Otaslavice and have another look.

Imagine if you will grey winter skies streaked with areas of light towards the sunset. The light fading rapidly. As we descended downwards into Otaslavice, we noted a hill and the ruins of a tower against the fading light. It’s a strange thing but as soon as I saw this my heart leapt. We navigated our way towards it and parked in a valley with a river and lakes running through it and high rises on both sides. On one side the tower and on the other as Eva had googled, an archeological site of an old settlement or fort.

As Eva assaulted the hill with the tower, I dowsed and discovered two 90-pace wide lines that had a certain feeling of familiarity about them. This was the Templar! I then climbed the hill as well to find Eva sat in meditation behind the tower facing into the valley. Her face a big glowing smile. The negative line ran through the tower and Eva was bathing in it. It’s truly hard to describe the feel of the place – magickal, evocative – it reminded me of Christmas Eve somehow!

We soon discovered that there was originally two Castles here – an upper and a lower. Both were located on the lines – Perun and Mokosh. As we walked in the darkness trying to bottle the atmosphere deep within our being, we found the church and discovered that too was built in the Perun line. The church was dedicated to St. Michael and locked.

Later, we discovered just how ancient the site is with archeologists discovering multiple inhabitations back to the bronze ages and beyond. Research also showed an interesting link for us anyway. The original owners of the Castles was the Bishop of Olomouc and he was the grandson of Jindrich of Hradec – the founder of Jindrichuv Hradec where there are two churches located on the Templar line one being the mysterious Templar John the Baptist. His father – Vitek – was also the owner of Vitek’s Castle outside of Jindrichuv Hradec said to be frequented by Templars too. The families symbol is even in the coat of arms of Otaslavice! To me, this confirmed that we had found the extension of the Templar alignment.

With it being so late in the day and so cold, we will have to return and spend a lot more time investigating this location. But you know, once again, the lines had led us to a wonderful place of power and mystery that neither of us had heard or or even knew existed.

The Mystical Hexagram Course

I am working on making the book that I wrote with Sue Vincent a course. The idea will be to offer it as a magical course of this website by correspondence. Each month for a period of time – probably 10 months – students will receive an information pack and exercises. They can also buy the book as an additional supplement to the course however, there will be significant overlap.

I imagine launching something in Q1 2023. If interested, please do let me know.

Earth Energy Line Weirdness

As you will know if following this blog and the youtube channel, I have some amazing and also weird experiences with energy lines. A case in point would be last weekend. On the Saturday, Eva and I set out with the objective of finding more points along the Templar line east of Brno. We had last found it at Krtiny where it crossed at a special place of Marian pilgrimage. I had also spent some time working back towards towards Brno to fill in some gaps and discovered several major energy lines in the area crossing each other at various locations and creating a strange energy. The only direction the Templar could be going was northwards.

Due to roadworks we needed to take a long way around to get to the road from Krtiny to Jedovnice and since it was rapidly closing in on lunch, Eva asked me if I would like to eat at a restaurant that she knew by the lake at Jedovnice. So as we approached the town with Eva driving, I was sat dowsing in the passenger seat. Since we had driven quiet the distance with nothing I decided to ask the rods a question.

“Which direction is the Templar line,”I asked aloud. The rods swung slightly and my gaze followed their indicated direction. I saw the church on a hill in Jedovnice in the distance so I followed by asking,

“How far is it to the Templar line? Is it less than 1pm?”

Immediately, the rods swung in yes.

I said to Eva, let’s go look at that church? She wanted to go to lunch but I was keen to make something of the day and so I said No – let’s go to that church then lunch. She nodded.

We actually had a time finding the church for even though it was on a hill, once you got between the houses, we couldn’t see it. So we parked and walked. As we walked we dowsed and as the church came into sight, we found a line. It was negative and 90-paces wide. It was the Mokosh line. As we reached the church, we found its pair – the Perun line, passing through the church. Eva looked at me and said “Wow! You talk to the rods and they talk back!””

Jedovnice is an older site dating back to the Slavic period and beyond with its earliest mention being later in 1251. The church dates back to the 13th Century and perhaps earlier but the current structure is modern. Being positioned on a hill, I suspect the site had earlier possibly even Slavic origins. We dowsed around the church finding a few more points on the lines to map and then walked back to the car which of course, was parked almost on the female line.

Time for lunch! So Eva drove us to the lakeside restaurant and I took a few photos and then took out the rods. I felt that there was something there. Yes, the restaurant itself was on the Mokosh line and we had parked the car in the Perun line. So, for the millionth time, we marvelled at how this alignment appears to find us and how it that so many places in Eva’s life seem to be on the line!


The Devil and the Woke

I do not know where the term ‘woke’ came from but I always doubted it was correct English and I’m not frankly interested in its origins either. Back when I wrote my first book – Inner Journeys – I spent some time looking at two tarot cards – The Devil and The Lovers. These two cards are actually very similar and yet dramatically different and they have some relevance to todays woke silliness.

The Devil card shows Satan himself towering over two figures – male and female – who are chained below him.

Look closely however and you will see that the people are only loosely chained and could escape at any time if they so chose. Observe also the directions of gaze on the part of the three characters in the card.

Now, let’s compare with the Lovers card. Do you see the similarities?

In the Lovers, the Angel looks out while the woman looks up and the man across to the woman. As I wrote in Inner Journeys…

“For me, the man represents the normal waking self – the conscious person, and the female represents the inner or subconscious self. The Angel is the higher self. So what is revealed by this card is that the inner self is actually a pathway to the higher self. The card shows in occult (hidden) terms that the conscious self must look to the subconscious self to experience a connection with the Divine higher self – the one thing that is all. ” and I go on to write…

Looking more closely at the Devil card, it is apparent that, firstly the male and female figures look in opposite direction; inferring that the conscious and subconscious aspects of the person are out of synchronisation. In fact they are chained to a block of stone on which the Devil perches. The male and the female are not tightly chained. The chains are loose and either of the two people depicted could easily escape if they really wanted to. The stone block between the two people depicted could easily escape if they really wanted to. The stone block between the two figures only serves to reinforce the idea that they are separated by some gulf or barrier. Above them ominously sits Satan himself as the King of ignorance. While the Lovers card shows the result of a correct relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind, the Devil card shows what happens when that relationship is blocked. Not only is contact with the higher self, or God, lost but it is replaced by ignorance.

It seems to me that today, a lot of people are now stuck in Devil card mode. They feel trapped by fear and some even appear to celebrate this fact and call if being ‘woke’. Woke is a corrupted form of the word awakened and it belongs with the Devil card. The Lovers card shows how people in an awakened state really are. They have a correct and whole inner relationship and they see that the narratives of lies and fear are just that. They listen to their higher selves for guidance rather than the Guardian or CNN. The accept personal responsibility for their lives rather than outsource it to faceless Governments and they know with certainty that are FREE.

There is another side to all of this as well. While whomever it is that runs this world appears to be in the business of continuously subjugating the vast majority of humanity via fear and technology and the narrative of lies, they also leave signs everywhere. The signs show ways to awaken and escape their grasp. These are like the symbols on the US banknote and in many other contexts. It is as if they know that you do have free will and they cannot take that from you. They can hammer you into a hole of fear and despair, fill you with lies about history, gender, climate and vaccines, scare you to death with wars, terrorism and so on. Yet, in the end they have to allow you a way forward as well. It’s like those silly videos and memes that say – when you see it….

If I’m right about this, then it means that we can all awaken and throw off the shackles and especially now as we enter a new Age of Aquarius and because of the energy background the Earth is passing through right now.

So, take your chance. Awaken and be free.

Sue Vincent’s Qabalah

In the back of the book – The Mystical Hexagram – that I collaborated on with Sue Vincent is a section on the Qabalah that she had written earlier and she suggested might belong in that book. So there it was placed and it does seem to belong there as well. But for those of you who knew Sue, you may not be aware of her view of the Qabalah that now sits as Appendix 1 in the book?

Titled An Overview of the Tree of Life Sue shines out from every word. Se had written it based on her many years of working with the tree of life and then it seems to have resided on her desk. I know little more of its origins but when I shared with her the original manuscript of the Hexagram book and asked if she might help me ‘finish’ it, she immediately sent her work to me and suggested including it. When I read it I can hear her beautiful voice and Yorkshire accent and it makes me smile…. it is filled with her joyous view of life and her habit of seeing the value of everything and everyone.

Perhaps just as importantly, since the hexagram material came through to me from Asteroth in meditation and became an obsession for several years, it fits because the major part of the received material deals with using the hexagram as a key to unlock more value in the tree of life – and other magical systems.

It really should be published in its own right as a pamphlet or similar to be honest. I miss Sue. I’m sure many others do too.