The Magic of Connecting with the Land

I recently made available a consolidated paperback version of all three of my Chasing trilogy of books called The Magic of Connecting with the Land. This includes the three books – Chasing the Shaman, Chasing Dragons in Moravia and Chasing the Goddess conveniently all in a single volume. The three books remain available singly on Kindle and in paperback format for those who prefer that.


New book – Dowsing the Wyrd Web in Moravia

Dowsing the Wyrd Web in Moravia by G. Michael Vasey

Dowsing earth energies has made me finally understand that truly everything is connected. Not just spatially, but through time as well. It has also made me realise that consciousness is everything and whatever that is, it impacts the world around us in ways you simply cannot imagine. There is a sort of feedback loop – what you expect, you get and thus you expect more of the same.”

Connecting with the land via dowsing has led me on an the most amazing adventures into the nature of reality and into who I am. First though, what is dowsing? what are earth energies? How do you dowse and why? What is the journey of initiation that unfolded for me dowsing in Moravia?

All these and many other questions answered complete with many examples from Czechia.

Dowsing has taken me on a journey – into myself, into consciousness and reality and into the world of Templars, Slavs and The Lords of Hradec. It started with a vow to track the Templar line across Czechia and has become a lifelong mystical journey.

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Earth Magic

As I worked with the Earth energies around Kromeriz and beyond this week, I became a little despondent. What had began as a task I set myself 18 months ago to map the Templar alignment across the Czech Republic had become a task of massive magnitude – much bigger than my expectations – which I now know were way off. As I reached the edge of a forested and hilly area, the Templar lines seemed to veer off north-eastwards across the rugged country and go nowhere near the important Earth energy site of Svaty Hostyn. I was hot, tired and discouraged at this point. Disappointed even.

But, these are energy lines of the wyrd web and they defy predictability. So, as I parked the car on the last bit of allowable ‘road’ and started up the hill, I was amazed to see a small chapel in the middle of nowhere. Dedicated to St. Mary of Sv. Hostyn, the chapel was built in 1882 and as usual, I can find little or no history for it nor the site. Why here? Well, it lay on the female line and when I found it, I was overwhelmed with feminine earth energies. I also giggled out loud that only moments after expressing my frustrations, I was taken here and it had a Sv. Hostyn connection to boot! The ‘management’ were making me look foolish and I knew it. They were saying oh Gary – you of little faith…. take this. I sat in this place for quite some time taking it all in.

I then began dowsing the area finding the positive line and realising that it switched sides with the negative line meaning it had crossed and there was a node somewhere in the vicinity. I found the node though I couldnt reach it as it was 50 meters down the hillside in amongst some holiday cottages. I could feel the energy though as I approached it. Quite frustrating and I wondered, why would the node be in some garden inaccessible and not at this beautiful and seemingly important place on the hillside where the chapel sat?

The following day, I returned to this location to check and recheck and then follow the lines up into the hills. The female line also passed through the Zamek in the village of Prilepy but this was a shell of a building off limits to the public and being actively reconstructed. From there it crossed the road and went up the hill to the chapel site and then on to the ruins of a hill fort up in the hills and then to a natural spring further along. The positive line ran along the bottom of the valley twisting and turning as it went. I tramped 22km through the hills following this line and another immediately to the north of it. By 3:30pm, I arrived back at my car parked nearby exhausted, hot and thirsty.

It was then that I had a crazy thought. What if that node were supposed to be at the Chapel? How would I know? And what could I do?

I recalled talking to Rory Duff about ‘repairing nodes’ and this gave me an idea. I went to the Chapel and I asked – should this be the node? My dowsing rod said yes. Should I then repair it, I asked. Again the rod said yes. To be honest, I am afraid to mess with lines but this seemed to me to be something that was needed for some reason. I sat and I meditated there for a while and then I asked management and the spirit of the place if I had their permission to try. Again, the rod indicated yes. So, with some trepidation, I stood, closed my eyes and imagined that the positive line was slowly moving up the hill towards the spot I was standing on. After a few minutes, I felt that it was done and I opened my eyes. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the line to have moved….

The first thing I noticed was a change in the energies. There was a rising sense of increased power. The second thing was a buzzing sound – a frequency. I hear this a lot at nodes and I often call it bees buzzing. And it was happening now around the chapel. I then walked around the chapel dowsing. I had done this several times and the female line went in the front and out the back. It still did. But now I dowsed the male line going in the side and out the other. You can imagine me running around up and down the hillside dowsing and checking – the male line had moved! The node was now at the chapel!! I sat and was still. I gave my thanks to management and I meditated in the node. I didn’t want to leave. I never want to leave nodes.

Later, as I drove back to where I was staying, a funny thought struck me. I had become a ‘‘Magician of the Earth’‘ and I was conducting Earth magic. My wand was my dowsing rod. The powers that now flowed within and through me were those of the Earth herself. This wasn’t any self congratulatory realisation but this event seemed like a milestone on my path. That path was started by an encounter with a shaman practicing Earth magic and now, I felt that I had somehow become initiated into that same way. I giggled out loud when I realised that my website named two plus years ago is Earth Magic Brno dot Com. Some things are just meant to be.

My next thought was of the path my life has taken generally and the parallels with Ged in the children’s book – The Wizard of Earthsea. I saw some parallels there. Being a bit full of myself then the rising fears of poltergeists and shadows that followed me out of the darkness. Working with the dragons (earth energies) and then learning how to confront and make peace with myself – a Wizard of the Earth I have become it seems……..

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The Mystical Hexagram

The hexagram is a symbol that, if you look for it, you will see it everywhere from church windows, to logos, to papal headgear. Most people associate it with Israel I assume and a lot more probably never really notice that this symbol is everywhere. As a symbol, it has meanings within meanings but one meaning would be of completeness, wholeness, oneness. Another might be of balance.

After taking a 5-year correspondence course with a school of magic (yes, they do exist!), this symbol seemed stuck in my subconscious mind. I spent a couple of years endlessly drawing it, deconstructing it, meditating on it and receiving information on it from a contact developed during the course. The more I learned and understood, the more it seemed to me that this simple symbol was one of great power. So much so that I wrote a book about it…. The Mystical Hexagram – with a friend of mine – the late Sue Vincent.

Over the years, I toyed with the idea of developing a school around it or a Lodge within a school, but for one reason or another, nothing happened to further either of those aims. The book has sold well for an obscure occult book… several hundred copies to date and it has very good reviews on Amazon despite its obscure topic and content! So, last year, after doing an online course on the Slavic pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, I had the idea to create an online course around the book content. I have now completed that course and it has a couple of students already working their way through the material… you can find it here. I chose the Teachable platform to develop the course.

Central to the course (and book) is the idea that the hexagram unlocks deeper meaning in many magical and esoteric systems like astrology, alchemy, qabalah, tarot and more… I only began to touch on much of this as my expertise is limited in some of these disciplines. I also stumbled upon a couple of very special and magical places for meditation as I meditated on the hexagram. I called them The Garden of Remembrance and The Circle of Healing. Both exist with the mind on what some may term the astral. None the less, they are places of significance.

The idea behind the course is to provide a framework, based on the book, that others can use to explore the symbol and through visiting these magical places in the mind. Early results with the two current students have been good and some wrinkles in the teaching materials have been smoothed out. The course can be taken at your own speed and pace….

Unfortunately, Teachable is not a free platform and so to recover my costs, there is a small fee to take the course. But, if you might be interested in working with this ancient symbol and being initiated into some of its more occult meanings, perhaps this is a course for you?

The Mystical Hexagram is a new and innovative way to work with this ancient symbol. Through personal revelations and exercises, the student can experience the many layers of this new and insightful work. The course explores a symbol. Not from some scholarly or deeply complex perspective, but seeing it as a representation relating to life and living. The forces and pressures that are associated with the hexagram are, after all the forces of life at both practical and Universal levels. By exploring and beginning to understand the symbol, we are able to learn and discover more about ourselves.

The meditations throughout the course take you on an inner journey of exploration, discovering the parallels between the self and the greater reality within which we live our lives. They illustrate the connection between the inner and outer world of the self and the cosmic forces of Creation. Having traced that connecting path, the meditations offer a practical way of applying that understanding.In addition to the exercises the book includes two very special meditations, The Garden of Remembrance and the Circle of Healing. These two you will want to revisit many times, taking away from the experience a sense of peace and beauty.


To access the course please visit the Earth Magic Brno School on Teachable.

Another course based on my book – The New You – is also in development.

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There be Dragons….

When people think of dragons and serpents, they probably think of St. George or St. Michael lancing one right in the mouth. If they have an esoteric bent then they will mostly likely wonder about how christianity turned something symbolising wisdom into something so evil it need to be lanced in the mouth……

Me? I think of Earth energies….

When you track earth energy lines – particularly the larger ones – in my case the Type 4 lines using Rory Duff’s classification – you realise pretty quickly that serpents and serpent power may well simply refer to them. If you have read my book – Chasing Dragons in Moravia – part two in the Chasing series – you will have read how my original earth energy research locally sought dragon lore. Wherever there was talk of dragons or serpents, there were lines to dowse and energy centers to bask in.

In the Slavic pantheon, the battle between Perun and Veles is often depicted as a scene that looks just like St. George or St. Michael and the dragon. As I wrote in that book…

For the Slavs, creation is a large Oak tree. On the top of that tree is the Eagle form of Perun and down amongst its roots is the serpent or dragon form of Veles. As Veles encroaches up the tree, Perun fights him with fire in the form of lightning bolts. This is the Slavic Tree of Life and the eternal battle between the dualities.

To me, Veles represents Earth energies symbolized in the form of the dragon or serpent which, when uncontrolled are chaotic. Perun, the god of order, uses his lance to ‘kill’ Veles the serpent but what he is doing I would suggest is bringing order to the chaotic energy and bringing that energy into equilibrium as a source of benefit. Perun works with the Earth energies and resolves it from a raw and chaotic form into something focused, ordered and positive.

When you find a major alignment, the two polar energy lines form like sine waves crossing at important energy sites. If you see these lines as serpents, then the resulting image formed by these lines is one many will be familiar with….

For the ancients, these serpent lines were lines of force and where they crossed, sites of importance for meditation and worship. The Slavs built their churches on them and they had operated their pagan sites before that. One vortex on the Templar line near Brno is U Tri Krizu. Here, the story tells of a large Oak tree that had healing properties and of travellers coming from far and wide to gain healing. A chapel was built there at the start of christianity in the area and pilgrims came for healing as well. The crossing is almost like a chakra but of the Earth ….. That our ancestors knew of these Earth energies is also seen in places like serpent Mound in the USA – itself a major earth energy center.

Humanity has lost a lot by following a materialistic, physical path of deconstructionism and as we approach transhumanism and AI, this is set to get worse. At one time, humanity understood its connection with the Earth and with the Oneness and it pursued a spiritually-focused path in harmony with those forces.

I believe that we are now at a point in time where our descent into the material is about to be so deep that it will become irreversible. It will entail throwing off the spiritual and denying our divinity. Yet, I think we will see also a great schism as some of us reject the material world and all of its attractions for a much deeper spiritual one in which mind is central. Some will look back in sadness at what we have lost – the connection with the divine and our own divine nature and turn their backs on the drive for more and more.

The dragons are returning for some of us. We see the serpent as the primal earth force that calls to us and, when acknowledged, shows us our true selves and our place in things. The serpent is a symbol of wisdom and it is a force that can be sought out and brought into equilibrium for the benefit of all humanity. It holds the key to a spiritual revival in which we consume and subsume the oneness of All and, in doing so, become far more.

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Slavic Churches, Castles, Wells and Earth Energies

A couple of months back, I was dowsing further west in Moravia, and on the drive home, I saw an intriguing church set against some hills. I had some time, so I went to investigate. That afternoon, I discovered a Moravian village by the name of Pustiměř (pronounced something like poostime-erz). I had no knowledge of the place but soon discovered that the church was quite a modern baroque building dedicated to St. Benedict. However, behind it was a chapel dedicated to St. Anne that is older though it is 16th Century replacing an earlier chapel that burned down. Both of these buildings were built on the ruins of a Benedictine monastery, which itself was built on an 8th Century Slavic Rotunda. What a find, I thought at the time vowing to return. a quick dowse also established that the Chapel of St. Anne lay on a negative 90-pace wide line and the Church of St. Benedict was within the positive pair.

Arial photo showing all three churches….. the Rotunda is visible just above the orange circle.

And so recently I went back. Four solid days of work, over 100 km walked and 4 trips up and down the D1 motorway and I think I have finally figured out Putimer.

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What I thought was an 8th Century Rotunda on a major energy line turned out to be 7 separate and closely-spaced 90-pace wide lines running through the village. I suspect that at one time, many of these lines crossed at a massively powerful energy center and vortex where the Rotunda was built. This node needs to be repaired and it may well become my first attempt at repairing a node… as three or four of the lines come in, they run parallel and closely spaced by the rotunda – literally one or 2 paces between them.

But that wasn’t all. Oh no…

In trying to figure everything out, I discovered the ruined Pustimer Castle and discovered an important spring, a hillfort, and a vibrant energy center on the hillside.

The Castle

The Pustiměř Castle in Melice is now a ruin, yet in the 13th Century, it was an important landmark and seat of local power. It was first mentioned in 1339 and was built by the then Bishop of Olomouc. It was abandoned after the Hussite War. The castle lies on one of the major energy lines that pass through Pustimer – the positive line passes directly through the castle and the negative line runs nearby.



To the other side of Pustimer, underneath the smaller village of Zelena Hora, is a hillfort. It dates back to the Iron Age but was a key Slavic castle as well during the time of Great Moravia (800-1100). The hill fort lies on one of the major lines that pass through Putimer – again the positive line passes through the fort and the negative line is nearby. Another major line lies just to its north with both negative and positive lines close to the site.



Close by the hillfort was the Rotunda of St. Pantaleon. The village website states…

Even the surroundings of the rotunda and the rotunda itself, which were thoroughly excavated several times, did not conclusively answer the question of when the building was actually created. The existence of the rotunda in the middle of the 12th century is convincingly supported by the findings of two silver coins inside the building, on the one hand a silver denarius of Ota II. Černý (a title prince of Olomouc), died in 1126, on the one hand a Moravian denarius of Vladislavov from the time when he was still a prince (that is until 1158). Earlier dating allows the discovery of 6 graves in close proximity to the church. It was common for the area around the church to serve as a burial ground. Findings from the graves make it possible to postpone the creation of the tabernacle before the end of the 11th century.

Dr. In her hypothesis, Procházková even assumes the creation of the church at the time when Vratislav II was the Moravian prince. and when the Slavic liturgical language returned to Moravia for a while, which of course did not last long, because when Vratislav II. 1085 from the hands of Pope Gregory VII. accepts the historically first Czech royal crown, must renounce Slavic idolatry. According to this theory, the Pustiměř rotunda should have been created precisely as a new center of Slavic liturgies.

Historical sources mention the rotunda much later than we have been moving so far, to 1243. We know that a bishop’s synod was held in Pustiměr that year, which, among other things, also proves that the rotunda passed into the hands of the bishop. After the foundation of the monastery in Pustiměř in 1340, the rotunda became part of the monastery.



Between the Rotunda and the Melice Castle is a natural spring and well. Not surprisingly, this lies on a negative line running out from Pustimer, and the positive line lies close by.


Pustimer was a site of some importance in the Slavic era and beyond. Not far away and on one of the same energy lines that runs through Pustimer, is another natural spring and chapel dedicated to Sts. Cyril and Methodius who were said to have preached there as they converted the Slavs to Christianity. I know from my previous research that the Slavs knew of and used the Earth energy lines (see my ‘Chasing’ books and videos on my Youtube channel), so I strongly suspect that this was a site of major energies due to a node of multiple Type 4 lines at the place of the Rotunda. Indeed, a building that could hold up to 200 people at the time was a colossal undertaking… but given the energies….. worthwhile.

One node does remain some distance away from the site. Sited in a small valley of considerable beauty, the energies there made me feel dizzy and along with a nearby bee hive, I was overwhelmed by the energy there….

I shall make a video about the site but trust me, this was a challenge to unravel so many closely spaced lines – but so worthwhile. Now I have to track them all across Czechia….


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