High Weirdness

This weekend, I had quite a lot of time to go dowsing and resumed my tracking of energy lines in the Brno area. Of course, it is a full moon today (September 20th) and perhaps that was driving some of the happenings and realisations that occurred to me this weekend? In fact, things got so weird that I made this impromptu video (apologies for poor sound quality).

The first thing to say is that I have been searching for the 4th energy line in Brno for some time as I know they come in pairs. I had tried some remote dowsing and that indicated that it lay to the north of Brno and it did. As I followed a line northwards out of Brno, I finally arrived in Bolivice nad Svitavou and tracked the line to the magnificent church there. As usual, I circled the church and found another line crossing inside the church. It was open so I went inside and discovered it to be full of radiant energies and signs that perhaps, they knew this? I also discovered a church dedicated to Saints Cyril and Methodius – yes, the one’s who christianized the Slavs!

It is a recently built church – 1910ish – and I can find no information regarding the site prior to the church being built as of yet. However, I was struck by the connection to the Slavs vie the dedication of the church. I tracked the lines a bit further north but then turned my attention to the line that headed west – where did it go?

The process I follow is to go village to village as there is little you can do in between. So, I headed to a village called Sobešice just north of Brno. I checked mapy.cz to see if there was a church or anything and saw a monastery. So, I thought I would start there. This is where having spent 10 minutes driving up and down looking for a parking spot, I pulled in to a side street and parked randomly only to discover I had parked in the energy line! I did find the line immediately passing through the monastery and a road side shrine. I then followed it street to street across the village.

I then had to do another hop across and since that took me to where I had mapped another energy line out of Brno, I decided to pick that one up and follow it north. I managed easily as seen in the video because again, I parked on the line and had help from a butterfly and feathers!

I had been dowsing for 6 hours by now and was getting a tad tired but looking at the map, I could see that there were three villages were both lines may be headed and only one had a proper church – Lelekovice. I soon found the church and another set of crossing energy lines passing through it. This church was locked unfortunately. The Lelekovice Church is the oldest standing building in the village. Its origins date back to around the middle of the 13th century. At the end of the 15th century, the whole church was rebuilt and at that time Romanesque windows were also walled up and the southern sacristy was added. It was also part of a Castle that I had never known about and the ruins of the Castle are just outside the church.

So, quite a bit of progress but so much more to do….. I must also do more research on these two vortex church sites to see what their history is.

Pohansko – A Slavic Fortified Settlement

There appears to be a relationship between Slavic settlements from the 900-1100 period and Earth energy lines in Moravia. One of the most important fortified settlements lies south of Breclav in the midst of a magical forest and is called Pohansko. Truthfully, there isn’t much to see but the museum there is wonderful and if you look hard, you can find the remains of a small church. Needless to say, there is an energy line passing through it. So I made this video this summer about the site…

Now, I have often posted about butterflies surrounding me. In this video, please note the butterflies and towards the end, when I was dowsing the line, I was swarmed by them as you will see. I’m not imagining this.

A Pulsating Web

I have come to look at the Earth energy lines and vortices as a web of rivers of light. You can perhaps liken it to the vessels and nerves of the living planet that we live on. Gaia or in the slavic realms Mokosh Herself. It is a true gift from the Divine to find that not only can I dowse some of these aspects of the living being that is our planet but that I now understand that it relates to me personally and deeply.

Not only do I now stop at energy lines and silently flood them with love and hope that I know will spread throughout the entire world but I also send healing. I have come to see the vortices as power centers that can supplement and magnify my and your efforts and beyond that perhaps even points that connect other dimensions to this one. I do think that meditating at these vortices we can help heal humanity and this planet but we can also heal ourselves and raise our consciousness to access other places of being and reality. Perhaps, we can even communicate between one another using the planetary net rather like the internet?

Over the weekend, I start to research the three sisters of Wyrd. They are found in almost all pantheons and systems in one form or another. The three sisters who spin the web of fate – connective and individual. The rivers of light that are the energy lines appear to me increasingly to perhaps be behind these myths. And anyone who has read the amazing book Way of Wyrd will know what I mean and just how perhaps this web might be used (and abused).

I believe that it is increasingly important that we work with this web, the wyrd. I urge anyone who is interested to join me and if in Moravia, contact me, so that we can work together.

More Energy Line Mapping Strangeness

I had always held a belief that one of the energy lines passing through Brno would most certainly pass through Veveři Castle on Brno lake. After all, it is an ancient Castle and surely must be placed on an energy line. Well, to my utter dismay, this is simply untrue. I spent over 90 minutes walking around and around it tonight vainly seeking a line. There were none. Zip, Nada, Nitz. This left me a bit perplexed.

Driving away from the Castle away from Brno and into the country, my plan was to instead work on one of the lines and map it a bit further northwards. I held a stick in my hand driving just in case. About 300m up the road from the Castle, the stick twitched – a bit like a fish giving a nibble! I pulled over and saw that I had just passed a sizeable roadside shrine and that it had a cross on top of it – the kind of cross I have come to associate with energy lines – the one signifying the two saints who converted the Slavs.

The line did seem to stand up to scrutiny if it was a little thin and weak – despite picking it up driving. I managed to get two points a few meters apart but I needed three really to verify its direction. Yes, I ask the sticks the direction and they tell me but…. I like three points as well. So, looking at the map, I saw a small road that ought to cross the line. I drove there and parked. I walked that road three times and although I did find the line, it was really quite weak – so weak – I am not yet fully convinced. Anyway, if it is there, it is I think a new line and I was expecting this as I am lacking one of a pair. It’s alignment though is odd. So, I will need to spend more time there another day as I rather thought I had run out of time and set off home.

As luck would have it, the way home passed through Kuřim where one of my three lines should pass. I spotted a likely looking church on a hill and so I pulled over – still time to check I thought. As I opened my car door, there on the verge was yet another feather. Yes, I am seeing small feathers everywhere. This was a good sign!

My feather….

I walked around the church and confirmed a strong line passing more or less down its aisle. Looking up to photograph the church for my records, I saw on top of its tower the very same type of cross I had alluded to above. I was then able to map the line 500m either side of the church before, with light fading, it really was time to go home.

The church of St. Mary Magdalene in Kuřim was founded by King Přemysl Otakar I before 1226. It was a simple single-nave building, from which the eastern part of the northern wall of the nave with part of the chancel wall has been preserved . Around the second half of the 15th century, the current prismatic tower was added to the north side of the church. Probably before the middle of the 18th century, Mořic Grimm developed a project for the overall Baroque reconstruction of the church. This took place between 1766 and 1772, but it is uncertain whether Grimm’s plans were used. All that remains of the old church is the tower and part of the north wall, otherwise the church was rebuilt as a single nave with an indented presbytery terminated by an apse. Adjacent to the northern and southern walls of the chancel are small formations with a rectangular floor plan, in the southern one was originally a sacristy, which was later moved to the northern annex, where until then there was probably a chapel. (Czech wikipedia entry).

Tracking energy lines is a lot of fun with buckets of mystery thrown in….

Earth Energy Healing

As I have been mapping the energy lines in Moravia for a couple of years now, I am only too aware of just how extensive they are. It is a network of energy and I have discovered just how these lines seem to connect places of importance in my life. They were plainly viewed as important in earlier times as churches and other important spiritual sites are usually placed on the lines as well.

This led me to an idea for an exercise that I’d encourage all magical people to do….

Find your nearest energy line – I have 3 passing within 100m of my home. Stand inside the line and quietly meditate. When you feel ready, send out your love to the planet and its inhabitants who all live withing this energetic and spiritual web of light. I’d encourage us all to do this regularly as it is plain that the world needs it.

We are all part of the one Thing. In the physical world, the connections between our conscious selves seems tenuous at best. But what the discovery of these lines has taught me is that we are all connected within this one Thing even on this physical plane. Our subconscious selves know this. It sees the past, present and future with clarity. It sees the links and the connections and it organises synchronicities in the hope that it will help us put a bit more attention into this other world – the bigger reality. Remember – where you place your attention is where your energy flows.

Find an energy line or a vortex. Work with it and send your loving through that line or vortex into the web of light. I’m convinced this will help heal and guide the planet to a better place.

More Energy Line Tracking

Today I did a couple of hours more tracking of the energy lines to the south. Starting in Rajhrad, I soon found the line that goes through the Monastry there and tracked it across town. I lost it again going into the countryside but headed towards Syrovice and the church there to see if I could pick it up there – this is a strategy that sometimes works as these line often pass through village churches. Today, I was out of luck. Not that my hunch didn’t pay off but that Syrovice was having its annual fayre and there was nowhere to park and crowds of folk everywhere!

Not quite knowing where the line may be headed, I decided to head towards Dolni Kounice and work the other line a bit…. I stopped in Pravlov (for some reason all I could thing about though was Pavlov and his dog!) and immediately hit pay dirt at the church there. The line passed straight down its aisle and across the street into a building that looked exactly where the line should go. I was then able to go street to street and track the line across Pravlov in the process discovering some nice views of Dolni Kounice and some earthworks of interest too.

According to the village website, Pravlov is quite ancient and associated with Dolni Kounice…

Pravlov – a very ancient village, which appears at the end of the 11th century, perhaps with an even older history. It was an old market settlement, which lay on the ford of the river Jihlava, later with a toll bridge, at the crossroads of very important medieval roads – from Znojmo to Brno and Hungary through southern Moravia Hustopeče-Velká Bíteš to Bohemia.

The Church too is mentioned…

Of all the monuments that have survived from the past, it is necessary to notice especially the parish church, which was dedicated to St. Martin until 1772, since then it has been the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a Gothic building, as documented by a massive tower and supporting pillars around it, rebuilt in the Renaissance style, with repairs from 1750 to 1772. Opposite the church facade stands the rectory, which was rebuilt in 1761.

So a little bit of progress but many more hours left to do…

Order and Chaos

A thought for the day….

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey

Anyone with a degree of magical training will be familiar with the idea of order and chaos. Today, as I meditated and questioned what on Earth is going on in the increasingly crazy world, this is what came into my mind. Order and Chaos. There is a constant stress between these two dichotomies and I feel that at the moment, the forces of chaos have the upper hand. From my perspective, I view the forces of chaos as destructive and malignant – black magic if you wish but in truth, the two are both part of the whole and play a role in spiritual evolution. You cannot have the concept of order without chaos and vice versa.

This meditational germ was actually as a result of an email from a friend a week or so ago who pointed out that consideration of the Lovers and Death tarot cards might be…

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Feathers, feathers and more feathers…

This last few days, everywhere I go I am finding small white and grey feathers. At first, I thought it was just the season perhaps but then I got up yesterday and as I went to the kitchen to make my coffee, I noticed in the middle of the hallway floor a small grey feather!

Yesterday, I saw so many feathers that I actually started collecting them and placed them in a vase. I am now convinced this is a message and am paying attention.

The last time, I saw lots of feathers like this, they were white and kept falling out of the sky near me. My father had just passed away and I figured it was him. That time, I was telling my partner at the time about the feathers when one fell in between us. She was a tad shocked.

This time, I’m not so sure of their meaning as they are mostly grey in color and sometimes white through grey to black. I am sure it is a sign – a message though.