There be Dragons….

When people think of dragons and serpents, they probably think of St. George or St. Michael lancing one right in the mouth. If they have an esoteric bent then they will mostly likely wonder about how christianity turned something symbolising wisdom into something so evil it need to be lanced in the mouth……

Me? I think of Earth energies….

When you track earth energy lines – particularly the larger ones – in my case the Type 4 lines using Rory Duff’s classification – you realise pretty quickly that serpents and serpent power may well simply refer to them. If you have read my book – Chasing Dragons in Moravia – part two in the Chasing series – you will have read how my original earth energy research locally sought dragon lore. Wherever there was talk of dragons or serpents, there were lines to dowse and energy centers to bask in.

In the Slavic pantheon, the battle between Perun and Veles is often depicted as a scene that looks just like St. George or St. Michael and the dragon. As I wrote in that book…

For the Slavs, creation is a large Oak tree. On the top of that tree is the Eagle form of Perun and down amongst its roots is the serpent or dragon form of Veles. As Veles encroaches up the tree, Perun fights him with fire in the form of lightning bolts. This is the Slavic Tree of Life and the eternal battle between the dualities.

To me, Veles represents Earth energies symbolized in the form of the dragon or serpent which, when uncontrolled are chaotic. Perun, the god of order, uses his lance to ‘kill’ Veles the serpent but what he is doing I would suggest is bringing order to the chaotic energy and bringing that energy into equilibrium as a source of benefit. Perun works with the Earth energies and resolves it from a raw and chaotic form into something focused, ordered and positive.

When you find a major alignment, the two polar energy lines form like sine waves crossing at important energy sites. If you see these lines as serpents, then the resulting image formed by these lines is one many will be familiar with….

For the ancients, these serpent lines were lines of force and where they crossed, sites of importance for meditation and worship. The Slavs built their churches on them and they had operated their pagan sites before that. One vortex on the Templar line near Brno is U Tri Krizu. Here, the story tells of a large Oak tree that had healing properties and of travellers coming from far and wide to gain healing. A chapel was built there at the start of christianity in the area and pilgrims came for healing as well. The crossing is almost like a chakra but of the Earth ….. That our ancestors knew of these Earth energies is also seen in places like serpent Mound in the USA – itself a major earth energy center.

Humanity has lost a lot by following a materialistic, physical path of deconstructionism and as we approach transhumanism and AI, this is set to get worse. At one time, humanity understood its connection with the Earth and with the Oneness and it pursued a spiritually-focused path in harmony with those forces.

I believe that we are now at a point in time where our descent into the material is about to be so deep that it will become irreversible. It will entail throwing off the spiritual and denying our divinity. Yet, I think we will see also a great schism as some of us reject the material world and all of its attractions for a much deeper spiritual one in which mind is central. Some will look back in sadness at what we have lost – the connection with the divine and our own divine nature and turn their backs on the drive for more and more.

The dragons are returning for some of us. We see the serpent as the primal earth force that calls to us and, when acknowledged, shows us our true selves and our place in things. The serpent is a symbol of wisdom and it is a force that can be sought out and brought into equilibrium for the benefit of all humanity. It holds the key to a spiritual revival in which we consume and subsume the oneness of All and, in doing so, become far more.

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Published by G. Michael Vasey

G. Michael Vasey is a collector of paranormal stories and a magician. He studied and taught magic with a real school of hermetic sciences and these days can be found in search of the Goddess in the forests and mountains of Czechia.

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