The Mystical Hexagram

The hexagram is a symbol that, if you look for it, you will see it everywhere from church windows, to logos, to papal headgear. Most people associate it with Israel I assume and a lot more probably never really notice that this symbol is everywhere. As a symbol, it has meanings within meanings but one meaning would be of completeness, wholeness, oneness. Another might be of balance.

After taking a 5-year correspondence course with a school of magic (yes, they do exist!), this symbol seemed stuck in my subconscious mind. I spent a couple of years endlessly drawing it, deconstructing it, meditating on it and receiving information on it from a contact developed during the course. The more I learned and understood, the more it seemed to me that this simple symbol was one of great power. So much so that I wrote a book about it…. The Mystical Hexagram – with a friend of mine – the late Sue Vincent.

Over the years, I toyed with the idea of developing a school around it or a Lodge within a school, but for one reason or another, nothing happened to further either of those aims. The book has sold well for an obscure occult book… several hundred copies to date and it has very good reviews on Amazon despite its obscure topic and content! So, last year, after doing an online course on the Slavic pantheon of Gods and Goddesses, I had the idea to create an online course around the book content. I have now completed that course and it has a couple of students already working their way through the material… you can find it here. I chose the Teachable platform to develop the course.

Central to the course (and book) is the idea that the hexagram unlocks deeper meaning in many magical and esoteric systems like astrology, alchemy, qabalah, tarot and more… I only began to touch on much of this as my expertise is limited in some of these disciplines. I also stumbled upon a couple of very special and magical places for meditation as I meditated on the hexagram. I called them The Garden of Remembrance and The Circle of Healing. Both exist with the mind on what some may term the astral. None the less, they are places of significance.

The idea behind the course is to provide a framework, based on the book, that others can use to explore the symbol and through visiting these magical places in the mind. Early results with the two current students have been good and some wrinkles in the teaching materials have been smoothed out. The course can be taken at your own speed and pace….

Unfortunately, Teachable is not a free platform and so to recover my costs, there is a small fee to take the course. But, if you might be interested in working with this ancient symbol and being initiated into some of its more occult meanings, perhaps this is a course for you?

The Mystical Hexagram is a new and innovative way to work with this ancient symbol. Through personal revelations and exercises, the student can experience the many layers of this new and insightful work. The course explores a symbol. Not from some scholarly or deeply complex perspective, but seeing it as a representation relating to life and living. The forces and pressures that are associated with the hexagram are, after all the forces of life at both practical and Universal levels. By exploring and beginning to understand the symbol, we are able to learn and discover more about ourselves.

The meditations throughout the course take you on an inner journey of exploration, discovering the parallels between the self and the greater reality within which we live our lives. They illustrate the connection between the inner and outer world of the self and the cosmic forces of Creation. Having traced that connecting path, the meditations offer a practical way of applying that understanding.In addition to the exercises the book includes two very special meditations, The Garden of Remembrance and the Circle of Healing. These two you will want to revisit many times, taking away from the experience a sense of peace and beauty.


To access the course please visit the Earth Magic Brno School on Teachable.

Another course based on my book – The New You – is also in development.

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Published by G. Michael Vasey

G. Michael Vasey is a collector of paranormal stories and a magician. He studied and taught magic with a real school of hermetic sciences and these days can be found in search of the Goddess in the forests and mountains of Czechia.

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