Slavic Churches, Castles, Wells and Earth Energies

A couple of months back, I was dowsing further west in Moravia, and on the drive home, I saw an intriguing church set against some hills. I had some time, so I went to investigate. That afternoon, I discovered a Moravian village by the name of Pustiměř (pronounced something like poostime-erz). I had no knowledgeContinue reading “Slavic Churches, Castles, Wells and Earth Energies”

The Lords of Hradec and The Templar Line

As we have dowsed, followed and researched the Templar line, a historical family keeps on coming up – that of the Lords of Hradec. We encountered them in places like Jindrichuv Hrádec, where their five petalled yellow rose is plain to see on the ceilings and walls of the church of St. John the Baptist,Continue reading “The Lords of Hradec and The Templar Line”

Shiva’s Stones and Seven Chakras

First published on my substack – subscribe here) In the last few days, I have seen a number of references to what is termed the Wawel Chakra. This is a place on Wawel Hill near Krakow in Poland, which is believed to emanate powerful energies. There is a story with murky origins that says thatContinue reading “Shiva’s Stones and Seven Chakras”