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As I worked with the Earth energies around Kromeriz and beyond this week, I became a little despondent. What had began as a task I set myself 18 months ago to map the Templar alignment across the Czech Republic had become a task of massive magnitude – much bigger than my expectations – which I now know were way off. As I reached the edge of a forested and hilly area, the Templar lines seemed to veer off north-eastwards across the rugged country and go nowhere near the important Earth energy site of Svaty Hostyn. I was hot, tired and discouraged at this point. Disappointed even.

But, these are energy lines of the wyrd web and they defy predictability. So, as I parked the car on the last bit of allowable ‘road’ and started up the hill, I was amazed to see a small chapel in the middle of nowhere. Dedicated to St. Mary of Sv. Hostyn, the chapel was built in 1882 and as usual, I can find little or no history for it nor the site. Why here? Well, it lay on the female line and when I found it, I was overwhelmed with feminine earth energies. I also giggled out loud that only moments after expressing my frustrations, I was taken here and it had a Sv. Hostyn connection to boot! The ‘management’ were making me look foolish and I knew it. They were saying oh Gary – you of little faith…. take this. I sat in this place for quite some time taking it all in.

I then began dowsing the area finding the positive line and realising that it switched sides with the negative line meaning it had crossed and there was a node somewhere in the vicinity. I found the node though I couldnt reach it as it was 50 meters down the hillside in amongst some holiday cottages. I could feel the energy though as I approached it. Quite frustrating and I wondered, why would the node be in some garden inaccessible and not at this beautiful and seemingly important place on the hillside where the chapel sat?

The following day, I returned to this location to check and recheck and then follow the lines up into the hills. The female line also passed through the Zamek in the village of Prilepy but this was a shell of a building off limits to the public and being actively reconstructed. From there it crossed the road and went up the hill to the chapel site and then on to the ruins of a hill fort up in the hills and then to a natural spring further along. The positive line ran along the bottom of the valley twisting and turning as it went. I tramped 22km through the hills following this line and another immediately to the north of it. By 3:30pm, I arrived back at my car parked nearby exhausted, hot and thirsty.

It was then that I had a crazy thought. What if that node were supposed to be at the Chapel? How would I know? And what could I do?

I recalled talking to Rory Duff about ‘repairing nodes’ and this gave me an idea. I went to the Chapel and I asked – should this be the node? My dowsing rod said yes. Should I then repair it, I asked. Again the rod said yes. To be honest, I am afraid to mess with lines but this seemed to me to be something that was needed for some reason. I sat and I meditated there for a while and then I asked management and the spirit of the place if I had their permission to try. Again, the rod indicated yes. So, with some trepidation, I stood, closed my eyes and imagined that the positive line was slowly moving up the hill towards the spot I was standing on. After a few minutes, I felt that it was done and I opened my eyes. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the line to have moved….

The first thing I noticed was a change in the energies. There was a rising sense of increased power. The second thing was a buzzing sound – a frequency. I hear this a lot at nodes and I often call it bees buzzing. And it was happening now around the chapel. I then walked around the chapel dowsing. I had done this several times and the female line went in the front and out the back. It still did. But now I dowsed the male line going in the side and out the other. You can imagine me running around up and down the hillside dowsing and checking – the male line had moved! The node was now at the chapel!! I sat and was still. I gave my thanks to management and I meditated in the node. I didn’t want to leave. I never want to leave nodes.

Later, as I drove back to where I was staying, a funny thought struck me. I had become a ‘‘Magician of the Earth’‘ and I was conducting Earth magic. My wand was my dowsing rod. The powers that now flowed within and through me were those of the Earth herself. This wasn’t any self congratulatory realisation but this event seemed like a milestone on my path. That path was started by an encounter with a shaman practicing Earth magic and now, I felt that I had somehow become initiated into that same way. I giggled out loud when I realised that my website named two plus years ago is Earth Magic Brno dot Com. Some things are just meant to be.

My next thought was of the path my life has taken generally and the parallels with Ged in the children’s book – The Wizard of Earthsea. I saw some parallels there. Being a bit full of myself then the rising fears of poltergeists and shadows that followed me out of the darkness. Working with the dragons (earth energies) and then learning how to confront and make peace with myself – a Wizard of the Earth I have become it seems……..

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Published by G. Michael Vasey

G. Michael Vasey is a collector of paranormal stories and a magician. He studied and taught magic with a real school of hermetic sciences and these days can be found in search of the Goddess in the forests and mountains of Czechia.

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