Exploring the Self – Reflected in the Land

Meditation, Magic, Dowsing and Nature in Czechia


Meditation brings stillness and in the stillness you will find yourself. It is also the key to inner peace and harmony, especially in today’s world. Guided meditations can also be used to explore your inner self and your connection with the archetypes.

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What is magic? It is the use of imagination, visualization and acting out to create a different reality. It is about working on your inner self in order to reflect something in the world. You are guided in magic by synchronicity.

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Connecting to the land and the Earth energies was the way of our ancestors who knew how to use these natural forces. Myth, legend and the pagan Gods are often guides to connecting with the land in a magical way.

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Best Laid Plans…..

The energy lines, it seems, have a mind of their own. Or perhaps, the powers that be that govern such things do? This last weekend, Eva and I had an opportunity to go further west and see if we could track the Templar alignment beyond Jindrichuv Hradec. It’s actually quite a hike as going directContinue reading “Best Laid Plans…..”

Energy Lines and You

Over the last 18 months or more of tracking various energy lines in Czechia, I have come to the conclusion that there is some relationship between you and the lines. What that relationship is, I can only guess but I now talk about them as the weird web spun by the weird sisters as theyContinue reading “Energy Lines and You”