Exploring the Self – Reflected in the Land

Meditation, Magic, Dowsing and Nature in Czechia


Meditation brings stillness and in the stillness you will find yourself. It is also the key to inner peace and harmony, especially in today’s world. Guided meditations can also be used to explore your inner self and your connection with the archetypes.

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What is magic? It is the use of imagination, visualization and acting out to create a different reality. It is about working on your inner self in order to reflect something in the world. You are guided in magic by synchronicity.

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Connecting to the land and the Earth energies was the way of our ancestors who knew how to use these natural forces. Myth, legend and the pagan Gods are often guides to connecting with the land in a magical way.

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Czechia energy Lines Update

We continue to work away on mapping the Templar line across Czechia. We have a gap to close east of Brno that is waiting on longer days as its a couple of hours to drive out there and then back meaning…. more time needed. There is also a spot west of Jindrichuv Hradec that needs…

Shiva’s Stones and Seven Chakras

First published on my substack – subscribe here) In the last few days, I have seen a number of references to what is termed the Wawel Chakra. This is a place on Wawel Hill near Krakow in Poland, which is believed to emanate powerful energies. There is a story with murky origins that says that…