Giving NHS Workers the Clap

A very good article by Peter Whitaker…

Peter C Whitaker

I remember it well, most people do, but how many actually understood that what they were doing was shallow and meaningless? The idea was simple, everyone stands outside their door at 8pm every Thursday and applaud the NHS heroes as Britain went into its first lockdown. It was a gesture and nothing more. The idea originated with Annemarie Plas, a Dutch national living in London, who started it to as a ‘clap for carers’ event. It quickly broadened to include other key workers, but NHS staff became, and remained, the focal point for many participants.

I never observed this superficial act. It just seemed divisive and simply a means of getting people to do the least possible while feeling good about it. They call it virtual signalling. Politicians were quick to jump on the bandwagon. Well, why not? Everyone appeared to feel like they were doing something significant when they…

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Brno’s Earth Energy Lines

I have done some further analysis on the two lines That I measured throughout a day. I measured the movement of the two E-W alignments where they are within 30 m of each other down my street. To my utter amazement, the two lines move virtually in synch with each other! As you can see below in my hand drawn and rough graphs, the difference is negligible.

Looking at the classification of lines by Rory Duff, these are Type 3 sound lines. According to him, I am not picking up what should be a whole bunch of other lines of different types but for now, I’d rather not. I’d like to complete mapping these lines through the city and see if there are others. Then and only then, shall I look for other lines…..

Tracking Earth Energy Lines Across Brno

I have transferred my data to date to a Google map and honestly, it doesn’t look like much but this is literally hours of work and many kilometers of walking. I have found three lines so far and since I started around the Castle, I am sure there are more of this type yet to be found that do not pass by the castle.

So far as I can tell the only place the lines cross is at the castle but I have so much more work to do.

I am a bit puzzled as to why the lines sometimes make abrupt turns. Certainly in the case of the green line, the kink was very tight and it really seemed related to recent construction work – which the line would have passed through but instead took a detour around it.

I checked very carefully the 90 degree bend in the blue line. I wanted to be sure I was mapping the same line and that there were no crossing lines that I was tracking instead. So far, it checks out as a very tight turn. Why?I have no idea.

What is it that I am mapping? Again, I don’t honestly know. I pick these up dowsing and they have a thickness of 4-7m. Anyone?

It isn’t just me who can pick them up. Three others that I took to a couple of locations and then let them dowse also found the same dowsing response as I…..

The Shaman

My entire adventure that was responsible for the creation of this site, the three books on the magic of connecting with the land, and the idea of trying to find people to join me, all came from a strange meeting with a Shaman just around the corner from me. Over the next few months, I found signs of his activities in a couple of locations near where I live that culminated in a message left on a fence with the remnants of his stones….

As I entered the triangular space, my eyes caught sight of a rucksack. At first I thought someone must have left it there by mistake and so I started towards it. As I got closer though I realized it was open and filled with what appeared to be stones and sticks, and bones. I recoiled a bit and that is when I saw what I thought was a skeletal figure laid down by the bag. Made of stones, sticks and bones, the skeletal figure shocked me and sent a chill down my neck. Even Rocky, my cocky and well spoiled, small, Prague Ratter, jumped. I looked around to see who was the author of this skeletal arrangement but saw nothing or no one. Yet my interest was aroused. What was it? What was its purpose? I sensed that magic was afoot. I also felt like an intruder and with respect for the practioner, I stepped back and examined the arrangement from afar while ensuring Rocky didn’t pee in the vicinity of the skeleton.
At some point, my interest was overcome by a sense of fear. What was this? Had I stumbled onto something dark and nefarious? I immediately took a few small steps to protect myself and, surrounded now in my mind by some nice glowing and hopefully protective light, I pulled on the dog leash to leave. Rocky also seemed to have taken steps to protect himself and was also keen to leave pulling me off into the pathway. It was then that I saw a dark figure jogging towards us. Where he come from I could not tell but he didn’t give me a feeling of wishing me well. So much so that I grasped the keys in my pocket pushing one through my fingers just in case self-defense was required.  Instead, he jogged past me as if I and Rocky were not there and as he passed I heard his mumblings almost as if he were talking to himself. Being alone in the dark with a madman who was talking to himself after finding what looked like a symbolic skeleton was enough for me and I pulled Rocky and set off apace.
Despite that, as I put distance between me and the man, I started to feel the curiosity come back. What was he doing? So, I took a different route to that planned and within a couple of minutes I was passing along my street a couple of meters above his position with a partial view through the trees. I stood, in awe watching the man. He had a little drum thingy in one hand which he held close to his head while thumping a beat on it and was chanting to it. I could not make out what he was saying but noted he was engaged in a little dance as well. A shaman! I had stumbled on a shaman and was now watching something of a ritual. I wanted to watch more but he looked up and straight at me without missing a beat or a word. Somehow the fact he knew I was there made me feel afraid. I had no idea what he was up to. A skeleton? Was he raising the dead? Was one thought that raced through my mind. Once again, I tugged on the dog leash and started for home. Once home, I immediately regretted that once again fear had overwhelmed curiosity. Yet, the fear was still with me. He had seen me. Might he be angry? Did who know who I was? All of these and other questions raced through my mind and I ended up sleeping fitfully and with many deep and dark dreams.
The next day, I re-visited the spot I had seen the man the night before. Me and Rocky together. The skeleton was gone along with the rucksack and I felt a surge of disappointment. But an inspection of the broader area revealed several clues. First of all, there was a large gray rock in the grass and on it was the end of a cigar. By the rock was a burned patch of grass and the burned remains of some flowers – stalks one end and petals the other. They were dark red roses and these and some other flowers remained. To me, they looked as if they came from a cemetery. Close to that was a shiny small black pebble. I had kicked it accidentally as I walked but there could be no doubt that it had been placed in a deliberately hammered location so that it wouldn’t move. I carefully returned it with my foot. Rocky and I set off on the rest of our walk. I had lots to think about. What was he doing? Why had he burned flowers? And a host of similar questions.
Another thing I noticed right away were the Crows. There were tens, if not hundreds, of Crows around the spot. I had never seen so many of these big black birds around the Castle. The Crows remained through the following weeks. For several days, I had a strange feeling that I had stumbled on something best not seen. But what had I actually seen?

Excerpt from Chasing the Shaman – book 1
Book 2 – Chasing Dragons in Moravia
Book 3 – Chasing the Goddess

Do Energy Lines Move?

I thought I would investigate if energy lines move so I picked a couple of lines at the Castle here in Brno close by where I live and went out and measured them over the course of a day to see.

I picked a pair of lines that run more or less east-west. I used chalk to mark my measurements, which in retrospect, was a mistake as it rained….

However. The lines did move. Here is my data.

Line 1 is a ‘male’ line initially I measured it as 5.09m wide (8:30am). By 12:30, the line had moved by 1.3m on one side and 1.7m on the other and had a thickness of 5.2m. At 4:15, it had moved further by 1.17m on one side and 2.85m on the other and was 5.93m thick. At 9pm, it had moved back the other way 1.69m on one side and 1.64m on the other and had a thickness of 5m.

Line 2 is a ‘female’ line and I initially measured it as 8.3m thick. By 12:30, it had moved between 1.48 and 1.57m and had a thickness of 7.6m. By 4:15, it had moved a further 2.2 to 2.7m and was 7.7m thick. By 8pm, it had moved back about 1.1m and was 6.12m thick.

So, it seems the lines oscillate back and forth through a 12-18 hour period. To figure out the oscillation rate, I will need to check every hour and find a dry day! Using Rory Duff’s classification, it would seem these are Type 3 energy lines and sound-related?

I would also like to find an app for the iPhone to measure their frequency – if anyone knows one, please let me know.

This was an interesting experiment and I learned something new. Now, I am determined to track the lines over a 24 hour period to see how they move and how that movement varies.

Out Now – Chasing the Goddess

The third book in the trilogy Connecting with the Magic of the Land is now out on Kindle and in paperback. it is called Chasing the Goddess.

The journey of discovery continues via the invocation of and meditation on the Slavic goddesses Morana and Vesna through the three Moons of winter and three Moons of Spring. The Goddess of winter and death followed by the goddess of spring and fertility. The outer life mimics the inner life through the long COVID-19 lockdown and colder than usual gloomy winter into an epic battle between winter and spring.

Like the Hero’s journey, I descended into the depths of the underworld with Morana but did I emerge again with anything of value? An initiation of self that echoed the duality of polarity, the change of the seasons, and much more. I emerged a different person in many ways on the way discovering connections between earth energies and the ancient Slavs.

You can get your copy at Amazon.

Chasing the Goddess

Coming soon – the final installment.

The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey

I have finished the first draft and I suspect it will soon be out in kindle and paperback formats – the latter with photographs. This is the final part in my Connecting with the magic of the land series and it outlines my attempts at invoking Morana and Vesna, the Slavic goddesses of winter and spring. It has been an interesting journey and something of a rebirth and initiation into a whole new set of mysteries around Slavs, Templars, Earth energies, dowsing and divination and much, much more.

The first book in the series was Chasing the Shaman and I was very pleased at how well this book sold. The second, Chasing Dragons in Moravia, didn’t do as well more is the pity as that is where things started to get pretty interesting invoking Perun and Veles, Slavic gods of the sky and the underworld. I think I will do…

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Svaty Kopec Explored

I have blogged a few times about Svaty Kopeček or Holy Hill in Mikulov, and included it in my books (Chasing the Shaman). The first trip I took there I found an energy vortex of tremendous power and also discovered that I was not the only one who had found it! I later revisited it with a friend and did a bit more exploration. Last Sunday, I took him and a couple of other friends to see if they could feel the energy. As I have written before –  “Tanzburg Hill (Tance – to dance) was actually known for its long pagan history and legends say that the name originates from the dancing performed on the hill to celebrate nature and fertility. It still has a reputation for its strong Earth energies and for an ability to heal and bring fertility. Although it is hard to find much detail about the pagan past of the hill, it seems that it had a long history and a reputation that includes witches sabbats and even a legend about a dragon and a princess!

The climb up the 330m of Jurassic limestone is in places a bit hairy and I did manage to slip at one point and take the skin of my shin. Along the way are the stations of the cross to take a look at and magnificent vistas of the surrounding countryside famous for its wine and of the town of Mikulov. Although it had rained most of the way there and bands of haze as a result of falling rain could be seen all around, it was actually sunny on Holy Hill!

We spent some time at the ‘circle’ and the central stones dowsing and generally seeing who could feel the energy there. While sitting on the stones meditating, I did get a strong impression that the place was also used in Sun worship – though I do not know what gave me that feeling. It did make me think that one day soon, I should go up there for the sun rise. And I shall.

The hill is really beautiful. The limestone produces a rocky area but as it is limestone, it is also very fertile with lush grass, trees and lots of wild flowers growing there. A perfect visit for a Sunday afternoon hunting earth energies, dragons and other magic.