It is all Sound

I put out a new video last night titled Templar Sounds. It is an attempt to explain what we think is a major find in terms of the wall paintings at the St. John the Baptist church in Jindrichuv Hradec (now part of the museum). You can watch the video below – please do subscribe for updates and more videos like it…

As you may recall, I came across the church as a result of my companion, Eva, showing me a documentary on this and other Templar sites in Czechia on Youtube. In Czech, I would never have come across this TV show otherwise. We made a visit to the church and marveled at the energy and atmosphere there and found three Type 4 energy lines crossing inside the church. It is, it seems, a major energy center in the Czech Republic.

Having visited the church, we started to look at the images in more detail. Eva observed that these images seemed to be in rows of symmetric and non-symmetric designs spotted with the occasional grotesque image. To me, the symmetric designs resembled energy lines and vortices while the non-symmetric images reminded me of Steiner’s thoughts on nature and life and death.

One particular image struck me though…. that of a naked man lying on his back pointing with one finger and making like the sign of silence with his other hand. He is wearing a turban like hat with a jewel over the third eye. The pattern he points to looks similar to a cymatic sound pattern for 852Hz. This is the solfeggio frequency that equates to the third eye…….

Had we stumbled onto the secret code?

Check the video and see…..

A Major Type 4 Energy Line

Eva and I have discovered a major energy line running more or less E-W across the Czech Republic. We first came across it at Jindrichuv Hradec, where both it’s pairs as well as a third line cross at the Church of John the Baptist, now part of the museum. Subsequently, we also found it just outside Telč and also passing through Třebič. We then managed to pick up one of the pair just outside of Brno and again at Nová Řisé.

The lines are both around 90 paces thick and I was able to prove the lines at Třebič where they cross inside the St. Procopius Basilica. We also found the lines crossing on a hill outside of Telč where a more recent church was built – The church of John of Nepomuk at Krahluči.

The Basilica at Třebič almost certainly has a Templar connection though again, the official history doesn’t mention them. The church, initially dedicated to the Virgin Mary, was built in the early 13th century as a part of the Benedictine Monastery founded in 1101. The basilica’s Romanesque style shows also some Gothic elements. The church was largely damaged when Třebič was besieged by Matthias Corvinus´ army in 1468, and was then used for secular purposes for more than two centuries. After its renovation by František Maxmilian Kanka in 1725-1731 it was used again for sacral purposes and dedicated to St. Procopius.

It is built on the site of a wooden church dating back to the 11th Century. There are records of connections between the Templar Commander Ekko and the head of the Benedictine Monastery. The church also seems to have a number of architectural and decorative aspects that suggest Templar influence as well. These include angel windows, some 14th Century artwork on the wall that is again suggestive of nature, sound cymatics and Templar crosses. The basement also features stonemason markings and pillars of various designs.

We managed to trace the two lines in the pair through the town to the outskirts in the westerly direction and some distance into the town in an easterly direction.

I had identified the so-called Templar Tower in Telč as the next possible place for a line crossing. I was wrong. We found no energy lines near that location but did fond one of the pair passing through another church in the town – St. James the Great. The age of the church, whose tower is a prominent feature of Telč, is not exactly known. Some estimates suggest the end of the 13th century (1273) but the oldest documented mention is the existence of the rectory and school in 1372. There is also evidence of a fire in 1386, which destroyed a number of houses and the parish church. Another parish priest for St. James did not appear in historical documents until 1417.

The next crossing we found on a hill outside of Telč. There was located the Baroque church dedicated to St. Anthony of the Fair Jan Nepomucký. This happened before the canonization of the Czech patron (19 January 1729). The church was consecrated on July 4, 1729 by their relative, the titular bishop Jakub Arnošt Liechtenstein, a canon in Olomouc. The hill however looks to have had a longer past and has a stone formation on it that speak to older times.

We will continue to map these two lines across by filling in the gaps and then moving east and west. We have already found one of the lines passing through the Monastery at Nová Řiše, south of Telč, over the top of Velká Baba outside of Brno and several other places.

Interestingly, Rory Duff thinks this is a new line from his perspective and is excited about crossings in France as this line extends across that country. It seems to be on an Azimuth that would take it to La Rochelle – another Templar location.

Was this line known by the Templars? It seems to us that it was.

The Mystery at Jindrichuv Hradec

A couple of weeks ago, I was shown a video in Czech of a Czech TV program. Eva was able to tell me what it was all about and it was about the Templars in the Czech Republic. It was a bit sensationalized in the manner of say the holy blood and the holy grail but the church featured in Jindrichuv Hradec looked really interesting and even prompted an email exchange with Rory Duff to see what he thought….

So last Saturday, we drove there. A 170km trek westwards from Brno. On arrival, we immediately found the church – St. John the Baptists as it is now a part of the town’s museum. As I stepped out of the car, I started to dowse and immediately found a line. I counted the paces as I walked through this line…. 90! I’m not used to lines this wide so I past back and forth checking and double checking. It was 90 paces and it headed straight to the church it seemed. As we approached the museum, I continued to dose and soon found another line…. another 90 odd paces! This one also went into the church it seemed.

I was rather surprised to find the museum open at this time of the year with COVID all over the place but it was. So in we went with rising excitement. The church was part of a Minorite Monastry and the first part we entered was the cloisters. Occasionally, the walls were decorated with old paintings which probably originate from the 14th Century. On entering the church proper, all I can say is I felt like a 16-year old full of energy and excitement – like I was flying. Eva too felt this energy – like flying. In fact, at times, it made me feel dizzy…. I have never felt such strong and seemingly positive energy ever before and using my rods, it seemed as if the entire church was within these two energy lines.

I spent quite a lot of time photographing and videoing the wall paintings as they are truly strange. Featuring a lot of what look like Templar and Teutonic crosses as well as the rose emblem of the local Lord – Vítek z Hradce, there are also weird symbols, designs and grotesque images. I’m not at all sure what to make of them quite yet except that as Rory Duff said, they do remind a bit of some of the designs in other Templar-related churches like Rosslyn Chapel. To me, it also evoked a bit of Steiner in the sense of a feeling of the cycle of life and death….. yet, there are other things to be discovered in these images. Some reminded me of energy vortexes and energy lines, others are strange and grotesque creatures. Around the top and high up are figures of saints including one readily identifiable as St. Andrew. However, one of the ‘saints’ is a woman! Perhaps Mary Magdelene? There are other strange and grotesque features too even on tombstones that are displayed there.

I took some time then to walk around the Church but at 300-400m away. I wanted to get azimuths for the two lines and check their widths. To my surprise, I found a third 90 pace thick line also heading to the church and was able to map the three lines that would all cross in the vicinity of the Church. I must return and spend more time validating this as I would expect a fourth line as these usually come in pairs…. but I didn’t find it.

As to the church itself? Well, this is where the mystery deepens. Do a Google search even in Czech and you will find very little other than a few references. At the museum, I asked if the had a guide book or similar – No. I asked if they knew of any book? No. How can something this mysterious, this energetic and this important be featured so little? I do not get it?

The official story even denies a Templar involvement saying simply that the Teutonic order may have had something to do with it before it being handed over to the Minorites. Yet, a quick search of the internet for records on the Templars in Bohemia soon shows strong evidence that the Church was founded by the Templars and given up in a swap deal a few years later when the Teutonic knights appear to have taken it over. The local Lord of the 11th Century whose rose symbol appears in much of the paintings – one Vitek – is also recorded as having given the Templars land in the town and around it. It was originally built in and around 1278 ish which makes a Templar involvement possible as this is the period in which the Order was flourishing under its Commander – one Ekko – who was buried close to the Reznovice church.

There are other references too to the Templars and the church… so why is their influence denied? Furthermore, the original church was built on an earlier site – possibly of pagan significance – and it was built not east-west but ENE-WSW. I see this a lot when a christian church here has adopted a pagan site….. a lot. When the Minorites added a lot more church and the cloisters, they in effect bent the church so as to have the correct orientation for their bit! This gives it a strange look. And, although the tower in question may not be a part of the original church – I do not know – it looks suspiciously like an Islamic prayer tower!

I am putting together a video that will be up in the next few days as well but this is a key energy center and it seems to contain some symbolism of mystery and deep interest…. so I will be visiting and researching it with Eva much more in the coming months……

A little bit here, a little bit there

I’ve been quiet for a variety of reasons but mainly because of those reasons, I haven’t been able to get out and dowse…. except for a little here and a little there. So, on walks or trips, I was able to get the rods out in certain places and see what I could find.

I found another 25m thick line out by the Brno Lake and then a bunch of lines in the middle of nowhere at a well for example. I also found multiple small lines around Pernstejn Castle but it was closed so I could not go in and find the vortex….. but I will in the spring.