Dowsing in the UK

Last week, I was back in the UK after a three-year gap sadly, for my Mum’s funeral. However, the week turned into a celebration of my parent’s lives and I managed a day of revisiting places where I had treasured memories. Eva had joined us for the last few days and thoughtfully packed her dowsing rods.

One place I really wanted to visit was a village called Lastingham in the north Yorkshire moors. It’s a pretty village with a magnificent village pub and an even better little church. It also has a number of wells dedicated to various saints spotted around it. I had first visited on a weekend of mystical delights with my friends at the Silent Eye mystery school. The church had resonated with an energy that I now know to be earth energies and so, I wanted to revisit with those rods. I made a video of the trip and it shows the church and crypt in some detail.

The church has an amazing history as alluded to in the video. St. Mary’s originates as a wooden monastery in 654. The Venerable Bede actually mentions this event and the first Abbott was one St. Cedd. In fact, Bede points to the earth energies by stating that the monastery was sited where ‘where once dragons lay.’

Cedd participated in the Synod of Whitby as a translator that decided to subsume the Celtic church into the Catholic one – rather a shame if you ask me! On returning, Cedd succumbed to the plague and was succeeded by his brother St. Chad. St. Cedd is said to be buried in the church by the alter in the crypt.

The church was rebuilt in stone around 1078 and is a magnificent example of architecture of that period. The crypt is magnificent and is a truly Norman crypt! A wonderful description can be found here. Now the crypt contains a lot of Saxon stones and pillars as well among which is one depicting two inter twinned serpents again hinting at earth energies.

On arrival, we immediately went into the pub for lunch sitting by a roaring coal fire and enjoying meat pies and other British delicacies. Even there, the energies were strong and vibrant. After lunch we went into the church and the energies are most strong in the crypt. So strong that Eva had to leave… Even my daughter – who believes in nothing of the kind said she felt dizzy…

The energies are created I believe by two 90-pace wide lines that we dowsed crossing within the church and by hundreds of years of worship and meditation. The ‘female’ line passes through the pub and down the aisle of the church while the ‘male’ line passes at a right angle through the church. There may be many other lines coming into the vortex – I did not have sufficient time to dowse a broader circle around the church. The energies are the strongest we have ever felt however and so, we remain a little puzzled as to why they are so so strong?

Eva felt the energies strongly and during her meditation she received the following beautiful lines…

Every way you go

Every place you stay

Help every heart you see

The love is on the way

To me these echo the sign in the church that says “Do not neglect to show hospitality to Strangers for thereby some have entertained Angels unawares“.

The church is said to lie on a ley line. I can now confirm that indeed it does as the crossing of the line pair would form a node on a ley.

We didn’t have much time but I also wanted to search for one of the wells – the Mary Magdalene well. I remembered pretty clearly where it was and soon found it. It too appears to lie on the ‘female’ line that passes through the church. You can find more about these holy wells here. However, it appears that this well is very ancient indeed going back to Roman times.

Later in the day, we visited the Rudston monolith near Bridlington. Standing over 25 feet tall, the monolith is the tallest standing stone in England but not so well known as it should be. As a boy, I visited several times with my father who could detect energy spirals around it using his meter (that he used in his work to measure electricity). We puzzled as to what its secrets were. A quick dowse showed that it too lay on a 90-pace wide line and who knows, it may even be the same line!

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G. Michael Vasey is a collector of paranormal stories and a magician. He studied and taught magic with a real school of hermetic sciences and these days can be found in search of the Goddess in the forests and mountains of Czechia.

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