One of Those Days And A Mystery Perhaps Solved?

On Monday, Eva and I set off to do a bit more work on the lines. We both now have 125cc scooters and we were looking forward to venturing out on them and dowsing. The scooters give us access to places you can’t get in a car!

After a quick chat, we decided we had to try to solve the mystery of the new Type 4 line that we had discovered south of Brno. Where did it go? We had left it headed towards the Brno lake. So, we rode to a place on the other side of the lake, parked the bikes and carried on through the forest on foot. We soon found the Type 4 lines – one negative and then a few meters later the positive. We carried on down the path and found two pairs of Type 3 and a pair of Type 2 lines all within 500 m of each other.

The plan was then to bike around to the other side of the hill and forest and dowse the path there to that same point. Hopefully we would find the pattern repeated. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be as my new scooter would not start and finally, when it did, the check engine light came on. Fearing being stuck in the middle of nowhere and broken down, we headed home there to grab the car and Eva’s dog.

After a spot of lunch we decided to go to Brno Lake and check a point we had dowsed there before that appeared to be a negative Type 4 line. If we could prove that it was then what we had discovered would be quite big news! We arrived and parked, and then set off. We found and dowsed the suspect line and confirmed it was a 90-pace wide negative line. We then planned to go to the other side of the lake – back to U Tri Krizu – and see if we could track it there. Unfortunately, Eva’s dog was limping badly and didn’t want to walk.

Jumping in the car, we decided to call it a day and head home making one last stop to check another line we had dowsed as a drive by but never stopped to check (meaning it was a big line). As I left the car park, I hit a pot hole and the underside of my car certainly hit the concrete. Eva and I looked at each other thinking the same thing – something didnt appear to want us out dowsing that day at all. None the less, we made that last stop and again confirmed that it was a larger Type 4 line.

So it appears that we have discovered another Type 4 line that is heading in a sort of north-south direction to the west of Brno. What is really interesting though is that we now know that the negative lines of the Templar and our new line cross at U Tri Krizu! This is why there is such strong female energy there and this is why we constantly record the line at 120 paces wide! It is not one but two lines. We are unsure as yet where the male lines cross but it is somewhere in that area.

A return visit is needed to U Tri Krizu to fully unlock the mysteries of this very interesting location.

The Two Type 4 lines with the negative lines crossing at U Tri Krizu

The Templar Alignment

The Templar alignment runs across the Czech Republic (and beyond) passing through sites like Svaty Hostyn, Trebič Basilica, A site near to Telč and Jindrichuv Hradec. It would appear to be on a trajectory that would take it south of Kyiv and to La Rochelle as shown below.

We named it the Templar Alignment because most of the sites along it appear to have a connection to the Templar order.

The alignment comprises a pair of Type 4 lines – negative and positive – that we have called the MokoÅ¡ and Perun lines. We chose these names carefully and over a long period of time based on the characteristics of the lines.

Mokoš is the Slavic Goddess  of life-giving in ancient Slavic mythology. She is the only female deity mentioned in the Old Kievan pantheon of AD 980 and has survived in East Slavic folk beliefs as Mokoša, or Mokuša. A tall woman with a large head and long arms, she spins flax and wool at night and shears sheep. Her name is connected, on the one hand, with spinning and plaiting and, on the other, with moisture. Associations with spinning, plaiting, and moisture suggest early European roots: the Great Goddess, or Fate, the spinner of life’s thread, dispenser of life’s water. (Enc. Brittanica)

Perun is the thunder god of the ancient pagan Slavs, a fructifier, purifier, and overseer of right and order. His actions are perceived by the senses: seen in the thunderbolt, heard in the rattle of stones, the bellow of the bull, or the bleat of the he-goat (thunder), and felt in the touch of an ax blade. The word for Thursday (Thor’s day) in the Polabian language was peründan. Polish piorun and Slovak parom denote “thunder” or “lightning.” In the Christian period the worship of Perun was gradually transferred to St. Elijah (Russian Iliya), but in folk beliefs, his fructifying, life-stimulating, and purifying functions are still performed by his vehicles: the ax, the bull, the he-goat, the dove, and the cuckoo. Sacrifices and communal feasts on July 20 in honour of Perun or Iliya continued in Russia until modern times. (Enc. Brittanica).

The MokoÅ¡ line is 90-paces wide and usually has a ‘ghost’ line associated with it and sometimes two. The ‘ghost’ line comprises four smaller lines that are spaced apart by a couple of paces. This gives the impression of a sizeable line but careful walking of the line always shows it is in fact 4 lines tightly bundled together. It likes water and wells/springs and will go out of its way to encompass a spring. It is the line that passes through the spring waters at Sv. Hostyn for example. I usually pick up MokoÅ¡ before Eva so there is a male-female affinity at play. She also likes crosses and in many locations is associated with stations of the cross or crosses of some type – (Devet Krizu, U Tri Krizu and so on on). We have even found her and then seen a roadside cross on the line. She is strong and more easily detected than the Perun line.

The Perun line is also a 90-pace wide line with no ghost lines. He seems to prefer passing over hilltops and has an affinity for Oak trees that will often be found to line his path. The Oak tree is the tree of Perun. He also likes Kid’s playgrounds and churches designated to male saints.

We continue to track the alignment across Moravia.

Circles and Connections

Today, I went to pick up Eva who had spent the night at her son’s in laws out past Trebič. Our plan was to work our way back mapping the two Type 4 lines in and out of Trebič thus moving our mapping of the lines another 30 or so kilometers…..

Eva was keen to take me to a location she had walked the previous day and dowsed the negative line – we call her MokoÅ¡ after the Slavic Goddess. So off we went and sure enough, there was the negative line on the hillside. We experienced all kinds of weather in the 30 minutes we were there from howling cold wind, blizzard snow conditions to sunshine! It seems Morana – the Slavic Goddess of Winter and Vesna – the Slavic Goddess of spring are battling it out.

After this we tracked the line across country a little before then looking for the positive Perun line (Perun is the Slavic God of the Skies).

Now, can you imagine our surprise that we found this 90-pace line just where I had picked Eva up earlier that morning? How exactly does such weirdness happen? and, if I told you that this very same energy line passes through the plot of land that her son had purchased and intends to build on several ten’s of kilometers away to the east?

I’ll be making a video about this weird day of dowsing and posting it below when done. But let me tell you….. the weirdness continued.

Tracking the Second Line

The week before last, we encountered two 90-pace wide lines that were not the Templar alignment lines. Suddenly, some things made sense or potentially they do anyway. Time will tell.

This last weekend, we went a bit farther afield and tracked the Templar lines on a couple more points almost reaching Trebic and then we went and tracked the other lines northwards – towards U Tri Krizu.

Now, here is the strange thing. This all began when Eva showed me a youtube video in Czech about the Templars in the area. This video focused on two locations – Jindrichuv Hradec and Veveri Castle. It was at Jindrichuv – St. John the Baptist – that we first discovered the Templar ley alignment – and that got us started!

So, can you imagine our surprise as we followed the new lines north and east when we came over a hill and realised that the line went straight through the small chapel by Veveri that was also featured in that youtube video?

The Chapel of the Mother of God originates in the 12th Century and is rumoured to have Templar links. It was originally a romanesque building but was partially rebuilt in gothic style.

The weirdness continues.

Another Type 4 and Super Wierdness

This weekend, we had little time to do some more work on the Type 4 Templar alignment but we did manage a quick trip Sunday afternoon. The plan was to drive up towards Velká Biteš on a smaller road and see f we could locate another position for the Perun and Mokosh energy lines along it. Seemed like a good plan right?!

Well, I took a wrong turn and so we were headed parallel to the D1 Prague-Brno motorway south of the motorway but some distance from where we wanted to be. Nevertheless, we drove slowly and dowsed in the car. We pretty soon hit a major line so we parked and jumped out. We found four closely spaced 15 pace lines and then a very strong 90 pace line that identified as negative. So we clapped hands thinking we had found the Mokosh line.

However, when I came to mark it on the map, something was badly wrong! This type 4 line and ghost was miles away from where it should be. We scratched our heads, double checked the lines and wondered what on earth was going on. We drove a few kilometers further and soon found another major line. Jumping out of the car, this too was 90 paces wide, told us it was positive and also had a four times 15 pace ghost. So what was going on? We had found two 90 pace lines – a negative and positive pair – but not where they should be.

Actually, we think we have probably found a new Type 4 energy line perhaps running more N-S and certainly, it would tie back to some spurious points we had mapped south of Lake Brno headed towards U Tri Krizu. Could it be that the reason U Tri Krizu had sooo confused us was because these two alignments crossed there? One thing is for sure, we need to go back there again and our job just became a bit harder and more time consuming especially if we have another alignment to map!

We then decided to try to get back on track with our original plan not having much time left. We were on the wrong road though. We decided to take a short cut on a small road but this petered out into nothing more than a dirt trail and my car simply isn’t designed for off roading! So, we gave up, turned around and decided we would simply head towards Velká BiteÅ¡ and take a different road back to Brno to see what we might find.

At this point, it was getting late. It was spring Equinox and I still had my Morana ceremony to do (more later) so we need some natural water for that as well. Eva then said that we should perhaps just go visit the building site where her eldest son was building a house to see if there were any lines to tell him about. So, we drove to that village dowsing in the car along the way but passed nothing major. We drove up onto the hillside above the village and parked heading in separate directions. Eva walked across the field to where her son’s new home is marked by wooden stakes and I walked down the street.

I couldn’t believe it. A 90 pace wide line and positive. It was Perun. We had found him as it runs straight through the site of her son’s new home! Eva confirmed that she too had found the same thing by the wooden stakes. We could NOT believe what had just happened and we decided that we simply must be guided….

Having more or less given up, Eva had the idea to check out the site of her son’s new home and hey presto! There it was! You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

We then resumed our trip to Brno but Eva knew a nice stream side site for my Morana drowning. We parked the car and walked down to the stream where I did my little Slavic ritual banishing winter and welcoming spring. It was a beautiful location and seemed to have the right sort of energies for such a ceremony. So, I dowsed my way back to the car. Yes, you probably guessed it ….. we had found Mokosh! She was right there where we had stopped at Eva’s suggestion to do the ritual.

I know that people probably won’t believe us. But it is true. We appear to be guided. Not only did we find the two points we were seeking – in a place we didnt really expect them to be honest – but – we also accidentally found another major line!

Videos coming this week on this trip….

Latest Templar Alignment Mapping

X Marks the Spot!

This little video tells the story of just one of the small but rather miraculous or weird things we have come across while dowsing. Last Sunday, as we dowsed for the female Mokosh line in a village called Lazanky, we stumbled upon something really rather amazing. We found a cross in a field in the middle of nowhere. The cross was placed at the crossing of two 25-pace wide earth energy lines it seemed. Now, in of itself, that is nothing remarkable – we see this all of the time with roadside crosses placed in energy lines. What was remarkable was the purpose of the cross.

Usually, these crosses mark the spot of a car accident, perhaps a death or an old shrine location. This one quite clearly said that it marked a place where you would find the best atmosphere!

One is forced to conclude the cross was placed to mark a site where someone felt the energies were powerful and vibrant. Amazing huh?

Amazing Progress

Eva and I were back out tracking the two lines on Sunday and we simply made amazing progress – almost as if we were being guided. As the Perun and Mokosh lines had diverged by some distance after leaving U Tri Krizu, tracking them was going to be more challenging we thought. However, as we set off in the car, we realised that we ought to be able to detect the lines from the car and that that may help a bit.

I suggested for some reason that we start by heading to a village called Lazanky. Neither of us had ever been there and so we had no idea what might lie in store except we hoped perhaps to find the Mokosh female line in the area just based on general direction really. I had identified a track off of the main road that we could walk along and probably pass at right angles to the line somewhere. However, as we came up over a ridge and saw the village, I said – let’s try the church first! The urge to go to the church just came to me as I saw the tower on the skyline. We parked up and got out of the car by the church and discovered a well in the street by the church as well as Mokosh – right there! This was unexpected luck!

From there we back tracked to the track on the edge of the village where we found Her again and then could track Her through the village. It all seemed too easy! The church also lay on a line – a 25 pace line running parallel to Mokosh and it looked interesting having hexagram’s in the windows. Apparently, the window also held the statement “Stay true to the truth”or similar. It was however locked. The parish church is the church of the Holy Trinity, originally a Gothic building from 14th century, rebuilt in the late Baroque style in the second half of the 18th. century.

We then decided to head further across country but to do so, we had to drive north, west and then south some 28km or so just to go a few kilometers across. None the less, we decided to do it as there was a chance we might find Perun somewhere on the way. We had driven a few kilometers when I said to Eva that while Mokosh was damp and liked the wells, Perun liked higher places and Oak trees. A few moments later we arrived at the top of a flat hill with Oak trees and we both picked up the rods smiling. To our utter surprise, we found him right there on the hill! We continued to drive along the road now westwards and found him again at a beautiful valley.

Just before turning south to try to pick up Mokosh somewhere, I told Eva that there was an interesting building in the center of Velka Bites. I had seen it many times driving through to the D-1 motorway, might we have a quick look? She agreed and so we turned north instead of south and 3km later, we parked the car in the town square of Velka Bites. Immediately out came the rods and we discovered Perun running right there past the car! By now, we were quite amazed by these chance findings of the lines.

We did visit the strange church of John the Baptist north of the square. Here we spent some time trying to figure out what was going on but finally realised that two pairs of 25 pace lines crossed at the site. So, normally, we would be keen to spend some time but we decided it was a project for another day. Our priority remained chasing the Templar Type 4’s. We found the Perun line a few more times and mapped what was a rather large bend to the south by the line.

After a late lunch in a quite strange restaurant, we headed south thinking to drive with the rods looking for Mokosh again. However, I proposed we checked out a strange site with legends and ghost stories attached to it called Devet Krizu (Nine Crosses) as it was on the way. We parked the car by the monument. Out came the rods and there was Mokosh passing through the nine crosses!

Nine Crosses

This is a simplified version of the story which I will cover in more detail in videos and further blog posts but it felt as if we were guided by some invisible hand to find the lines…… and our trip home was spent in quiet contemplation and hectic discussion of the idea that we were following a deliberate purpose and perhaps being guided as we went…….

Lot’s of progress mapping the two lines….

The Templar Ley

I had been mapping energy lines in and around Brno and Moravia for around 18 months when I became acquainted with Rory Duff who has been working with energy lines for a long time and has done a great deal of work in the area. He asked me to check his remote dowsing work and see if I could find a Type 4 energy line over in Bohemia. I took a day trip and found the line – 90 paces wide! along with 25 pace wide type 3 energy lines. I could not believe it! All the lines I had been mapping were 15 paces wide or less! As soon as I had discovered these new types of lines, I started finding 25 pace wide lines in Brno as well but no 90-pace lines.

Around this time, I met Eva who has now become my constant dowsing companion. She showed me a video of a Czech TV program on Youtube looking at a couple of sites and the Templars. I had been doing quite a lot of research on the Templars as well as documented in my Chasing … books. This got us both intrigued and so we set out to Jindrichuv Hradec one weekend to investigate the strange John the Baptist church and its wall art…. the rest is now history as not only did we discover three 90-pace wide lines crossing there but we also solved the mystery of the strange artwork as well.

A couple of weekends later, Eva took me to Trebic to see the basilica there. We found a pair of 90-pace wide energy lines there too crossing at the basilica. We then discovered another crossing point of these lines outside of Telc and another at Svaty Hostyn. The Templar leyline has been discovered!

Now we are tracking the two lines across the countryside – amazed at every step of the way with what we discover following the lines! You can track our journey here or on the youtube channel and join us as we go on this adventure of synchronicity, spirituality and history.


In my 60 odd years, I have seen any number of wars and read the propaganda. War is wrong. Violence is wrong. Instead, we need to work from our hearts and in love. I could criticise Putin but the western world hasn’t been an example of love has it? Shock and awe? Invasions based on lies and propaganda?

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

My heart weeps not just for ordinary Ukrainians but also for Russians. My heart weeps that we even have such names for people – ways to divide them and drive them into unloving behaviours. Nationality is a silly concept based around lines drawn today on a plot of our single planet. We are all humans. We are all children of the Goddess.

I do wish to blame but my blame is for those who lead in our society. These powerful people who forget their humanity – our humanity – in pursuit of something earthly. Power over others.

I desire power over no one. I have no nationality. I am stripped bare of all groupings and labels except one. I am human. I am imperfect. But I know deep down that love and heart thinking/feeling is the only way.

I find peace when I am in nature. When I am absorbing the energies that are natural to us from our planet. I want nothing but a right to live in peace in the way I chose without judgement. I will not take sides for I cannot know the reasons nor can any violence be just. All violence stems from the lack of empathy, feeling and love.

I’m surprised I am saying this but it is where I have got to in my life.

I cry for humanity and its fixation on things and power. The things we truly need to be happy are few and all around us.

Connect with the land and send love to the planet and to human kind.