One of Those Days And A Mystery Perhaps Solved?

On Monday, Eva and I set off to do a bit more work on the lines. We both now have 125cc scooters and we were looking forward to venturing out on them and dowsing. The scooters give us access to places you can’t get in a car!

After a quick chat, we decided we had to try to solve the mystery of the new Type 4 line that we had discovered south of Brno. Where did it go? We had left it headed towards the Brno lake. So, we rode to a place on the other side of the lake, parked the bikes and carried on through the forest on foot. We soon found the Type 4 lines – one negative and then a few meters later the positive. We carried on down the path and found two pairs of Type 3 and a pair of Type 2 lines all within 500 m of each other.

The plan was then to bike around to the other side of the hill and forest and dowse the path there to that same point. Hopefully we would find the pattern repeated. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be as my new scooter would not start and finally, when it did, the check engine light came on. Fearing being stuck in the middle of nowhere and broken down, we headed home there to grab the car and Eva’s dog.

After a spot of lunch we decided to go to Brno Lake and check a point we had dowsed there before that appeared to be a negative Type 4 line. If we could prove that it was then what we had discovered would be quite big news! We arrived and parked, and then set off. We found and dowsed the suspect line and confirmed it was a 90-pace wide negative line. We then planned to go to the other side of the lake – back to U Tri Krizu – and see if we could track it there. Unfortunately, Eva’s dog was limping badly and didn’t want to walk.

Jumping in the car, we decided to call it a day and head home making one last stop to check another line we had dowsed as a drive by but never stopped to check (meaning it was a big line). As I left the car park, I hit a pot hole and the underside of my car certainly hit the concrete. Eva and I looked at each other thinking the same thing – something didnt appear to want us out dowsing that day at all. None the less, we made that last stop and again confirmed that it was a larger Type 4 line.

So it appears that we have discovered another Type 4 line that is heading in a sort of north-south direction to the west of Brno. What is really interesting though is that we now know that the negative lines of the Templar and our new line cross at U Tri Krizu! This is why there is such strong female energy there and this is why we constantly record the line at 120 paces wide! It is not one but two lines. We are unsure as yet where the male lines cross but it is somewhere in that area.

A return visit is needed to U Tri Krizu to fully unlock the mysteries of this very interesting location.

The Two Type 4 lines with the negative lines crossing at U Tri Krizu

Published by G. Michael Vasey

G. Michael Vasey is a collector of paranormal stories and a magician. He studied and taught magic with a real school of hermetic sciences and these days can be found in search of the Goddess in the forests and mountains of Czechia.

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