G. Michael Vasey has had a lifelong interest in mysticism, magic and reality. He has studied magic and hermetics with CR&C, AMORC, The Servants of the Light and The Silent Eye. He is a second degree initiate of the The Servants of the Light and supervised students of the school for many years. These days, he is a solo practitioner living in Brno.

Discover yourself….

Join our Brno-based meditation group where you will be guided into different meditation approaches.

Group meditations are held either in person or, over the internet, that include guided meditation as well as focused meditation sessions.

These techniques will always provide a safe means to explore your inner self and reflect that into the outer world.

More advanced practitioners may wish to follow the Mystical Hexagram meditations.

G. Michael Vasey will lead the meditation group.

For me, meditation involves reaching a state known as ‘mind awake, body asleep.’ Several techniques may then be used to actually meditate including constant thought and attention on an object, symbol or a statement; or, my favored approach, emptying of the mind to simply let images arise that are noted and then dismissed. I will discuss these two approaches in more detail later.

To meditate properly, that is, to reach the correct state of ‘body asleep, mind awake,’ is in fact quite difficult. Some students have immense problems getting there at all. The key, however, to reaching such a state is relaxation.

I was introduced to Earth magic by Sue Vincent and Stuart France of the Silent Eye but if I am totally honest, they really rather reawakened something within me that has always been there. If I look back, what turned into an early career as a Geologist, involved a love of the wilderness – the lonely places of beauty sculpted by forces more powerful that you can imagine. Tramping through moors and dale with my hammer and rucksack studying how Mother Nature had shaped our world was the singular driving force that turned me from an average school student into a natural born Geologist capable of original research. It was a tad miraculous really if I think back.

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