Chasing Dragons in Moravia

So here is a bit of a puzzle.

I wrote an autobiographical book about finding my place in Czechia through connecting with the magic of the land. It was called Chasing the Shaman and it continues to do rather well for such a book – a sort of magic/Earth energies/autobiography thing. What started everything to kick into place was my discovery of a mysterious shaman operating in plain sight right here down my street. His wonderful stone arrangements lay for months yet no one disturbed them and his continual visits were documented with gifts of tobacco and new stones.

I never did find out who he was and his activities stopped earlier this year. But mine didn’t. He had led me on a journey I had not anticipated nor expected into the Slavic Deities and customs here in Czechia and beyond. I started mapping Earth energy lines with my dowsing rods, visiting magical places with rumors of dragons and imaging myself as Perun – God of Thunder and Veles – God of the Underworld. I made relationships with trees and with the Goddess in nature discovering a whole new world right on my doorstep – and a whole new me to boot. I put this into a new book that I called Chasing Dragons in Moravia. The cover of the book features a Czech stone circle called Karluv Stul (King’s Table). I don’t know if it were my timing but this book officially bombed. I think two people have purchased it. The question is why?

Anyway, I’m now engaged in a furtherance of the activities in that book and working the Winter and Spring with Morana and Vesna – two Slavic Goddesses that represent death and winter, and fertility and spring. I am combining that with working under a Slavic shaman out of the US that I discovered and her moon work. This had me build my Morana effigy on the Winter Solstice, for example. The plan is for a third book called – yes – Chasing the Goddess. Meanwhile, I am documenting some of the work here as well.

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My Morana Effigy

Anyway, please do give the books a look. Alan Richardson, who did read Chasing Dragons in Moravia had this to say…

Vasey’s new book continues to bring insights and his personal experience of a whole field of esotericism that is both ancient to the larger world, but completely new to me. I had never heard of Perun and Veles before, yet I was enthralled by his invocations of both, and his honest responses when – as often happens in this kind of Work – nothing seems to happen. When in fact, as time reveals, everything was always happening.

Published by G. Michael Vasey

G. Michael Vasey is a collector of paranormal stories and a magician. He studied and taught magic with a real school of hermetic sciences and these days can be found in search of the Goddess in the forests and mountains of Czechia.