Mikulčice and Earth Energies

After visiting the magical forest around Pohansko – complete with Ents! we went on to another Slavic settlement site close by. In the 9th century, the early mediaeval hillfort Valy near Mikulčice, was one of the most important Great Moravian centers in the region. Unfortunately, it is not known what the settlement’s name was or what role it played in the administration of the Moravian empire, either economically or ecclesiastically. The settlement was originally located on several islands lying between meanders of the Morava river and the most important settlement area was located on elevated sand dunes (close to the Moravian desert of the time). The total populated area was 30-60 hectares and a population of 1000-2000 has been estimated.

That this was an important settlement is indicated by the presence of a large palace type building and 12 churches including a larger cathedral-type structure. Graves have been found of many individuals containing the sort of riches associated with the noblest of families. It also seems as if many of the outer areas of settlement may have been for soldiers as very few signs of industry have been discovered so far which is rather puzzling.

Today, the site is well preserved and a park of some extent. I was stunned to discover it and know that in 14-years of living in the area, I had been unaware of its existence! Our first visit was to one of the churches where I immediately discovered an energy line running straight down the E-W directed church. We then moved to another church where I found another energy line running straight down the aisle. The next church we visited was a rotunda outside of the main area and I walked around it finding no energy lines but… I found an energy vortex in the center of the rotunda. Mapping this, I realised it had a four-petal shape. Excitedly, I drew in the sandy soil what I had detected and my colleague looked at me and said – you realise that the inner walls follow that same pattern? I hadn’t noticed but – he was quite correct!

By now, I was really excited. This was really interesting stuff. The next church was also a rotunda – a circular design with two smaller circles attached either side. again, no energy lines but and energy vortex. This time, I dowsed an infinity symbol and of course, it lined up with the design of the church. So, not only were the regular churches sited on energy lines but the rotunda’s were designed around the vortexes???

We visited two more churches and the palace before time ran out and we had to head home. The two churches both had energy lines running down their aisles. One was oriented NW-SE and the other E-W. So, there were several energy lines? I had been using my phone app (DowsingMapper) to map the points and lines and I could see a pattern emerging. Two lines running roughly E-W and one crossing it. The only church we found so far with two energy lines passing through it was – yes – the cathedral structure! There was just time to check the palace – no line in sight!

I realised by now that all the Slavic churches were sited on energy lines or vortices and the design of the church mimicked the form of the energy. Christian churches oriented E-W and perhaps churches built on earlier Slavic pagan sites NW-SE. The lines and vortices were only aligned with religious buildings.

As we drove home, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Does this mean that the early Slavs knew about the energies? The answer seemed clear – they did and they worked with them too.

The next step is to go back for a full day and map the energies on the entire site. However, it is clear already that the Slavs worked with earth energies…… by now, every site I have visited yielded evidence for this – Rajhrad, Miculčice, Stary Mêsto, Uherske HradiÅ¡tê, Brno and more……

Earth Energy Lines…

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G. Michael Vasey is a collector of paranormal stories and a magician. He studied and taught magic with a real school of hermetic sciences and these days can be found in search of the Goddess in the forests and mountains of Czechia.

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