Tracking Earth Energy Lines Across Brno

I have transferred my data to date to a Google map and honestly, it doesn’t look like much but this is literally hours of work and many kilometers of walking. I have found three lines so far and since I started around the Castle, I am sure there are more of this type yet to be found that do not pass by the castle.

So far as I can tell the only place the lines cross is at the castle but I have so much more work to do.

I am a bit puzzled as to why the lines sometimes make abrupt turns. Certainly in the case of the green line, the kink was very tight and it really seemed related to recent construction work – which the line would have passed through but instead took a detour around it.

I checked very carefully the 90 degree bend in the blue line. I wanted to be sure I was mapping the same line and that there were no crossing lines that I was tracking instead. So far, it checks out as a very tight turn. Why?I have no idea.

What is it that I am mapping? Again, I don’t honestly know. I pick these up dowsing and they have a thickness of 4-7m. Anyone?

It isn’t just me who can pick them up. Three others that I took to a couple of locations and then let them dowse also found the same dowsing response as I…..

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