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This last weekend, I took a trip over towards Pisek. It was about a 200km one-way trip and 6 hours 20 minutes driving for the round trip. In an upcoming Magical World of G. Michael Vasey podcast, I will be talking to Rory Duff. Rory is another geologist that got started dowsing energy lines a long time ago in his native UK and has since become something of a big name in earth energy circles. as we discussed the podcast, we got talking and he told me about a major energy line that he felt passed through the Czech Republic and we soon hatched a plan for me to go out there and see if I could find it. He had identified a 12th Century church as a likely place to start. It was the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul in Abrechtice nad Vltavou. So off I went on Sunday.

I arrived at the church and found a parking lot just by it. As soon as I jumped out of the car, I could feel something and in no time at all I was marveling at the widest energy line I have ever dowsed. It was an entire 25m across and took in the entire church! It followed the same azimuth pretty much as the church itself. I spent quite a lot of time with that line as I could not quite believe what I was dowsing! The widest line I had ever dowsed in and around Brno was 12m wide!

Quite pleased with myself, I sent Rory an email saying I had found a 25m line. I thought he would say – good – that’s it. What he actually said was the line I was looking for would be 90m wide and this wasn’t it…. 90m wide?

Anyway, I marveled at this little church which has original paintings on the walls inside and features a graveyard with paintings all around the church. Some of the images featured dragons including one inside over the alter and many were fairly strange to be honest for a christian church. Dragons, as my readers will know, are often code for earth energies. I found a website with some details of this beautiful little church…..

“The church is situated in a small hill on the hill. Its original Romanesque style is revealed mainly by a prismatic tower with characteristic double windows on the top floor. Its origins can be traced to the  second half of the 12th century . The first written report is from the years 1344 – 1350.

Of interest in the hall are two tombstones from the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century made to the late Knights of Oudraž. The inscription on the larger stone belongs to the noble knight Mr. Bohuslav Oudražský of KestÅ™any and Oudraží (+1610) and the inscription on the smaller stone to the named children, Ctibor (+1599), Jan (+1605) and AlžbÄ›ta (+1606). The painterly decoration of the interior is extremely important , where the walls are covered with a monumental composition of the Last Judgment, divided into several strips. The paintings as a whole are preserved especially in the presbytery, where they were discovered in 1943 by the academic painter Jiří Jelínek.

The original appearance of the church was significantly changed by numerous repairs, extensions and reconstructions. The first half of the 19th century brought relatively serious interventions to the church and related buildings. Extensive construction activities were related to the  activity of the local priest Vít Cíza , who worked in Albrechtice from 1819 to 1854. In 1828, he had the church whitewashed, Fr. Jenschta from ÄŒeský Krumlov repaired the organ, a new railing to the staircase was taken from the nave on the bar and the sacristy, the dungeon and the ossuary were covered with new shingles. A year later, a tomb of God was built in the church . In 1830 an outbuilding, the so-called oratorio, was built on the opposite side of the sacristy, in 1832 a large bell was poured overon the tower and there was a significant exterior modification of the eastern end of the church. In 1840, the painter FrantiÅ¡ek Mikule of Jinín also made a copy of the painting of St. Peter and Paul on the main altar, which six years later painted for the Church of Albrecht and paintings of the Stations of the Cross. At Cíz’s initiative, a new dial on the tower clock with gilded numbers was also made , the altar and pulpit were decorated, the ossuary was repaired and the emblem of the patron saint, Prosper, Count of Berchold, was painted on the triumphal arch.

However, the church was devastated for many years and even in 1947 rare paintings were demolished. These were rediscovered and restored by academic painters FrantiÅ¡ek Kotrba and Karel Mezera in 1962. Another renovation of the church was carried out in 1988 , when the tower clock was repaired. At the same time, their manual winding was changed to electric . A new dial with gilded numbering was also installed. Furthermore, a new roofing of the whole church, copper cladding, stucco plaster and coatings were carried out.

I also found a normal 5m line passing through the church so in fact, there is a node of the 25m and 5m lines inside the building.

Not sure how to find this huge line Rory was looking for, I decided to follow the 25m line through the village. I soon found myself on a track-like road headed out of the village and decided I would drive slow and dowse. I detected something and so parked the car and walked back. As the rods crossed, I started counting paces… one, two, three…. to my utter amazement, I counted 92 paces! I checked that and rechecked it. I had found a 90m wide energy line and only a stone’s throw away from the church! It was in the middle of nowhere though….

I ended up spending my time tracking it and the 25m lines through the village and at least established their directions.

Rory believes that there is another major line crossing the country that crosses this one and my next task is to find it and the node that would be formed by the two of them crossing. Unfortunately, I had little time left and had to leave. I decided though to drive up past Pisek as this is where the lines seemed to pass according to Rory’s remote dowsing. Due to traffic, I couldn’t really do much but as I cam upon a small town there was a fayre and people everywhere. I picked up a line there so I parked and paced another 94 pacer! I found it at two points and it seems to be on the right direction to be the other line…. more work is needed to confirm…..

What struck me about the day was that I had found two 90m thick lines and a 25m thick line! What I am mapping in Moravia are small by comparison! This means that I am now tuned into the major lines…. so we will see. Another trip is needed but next time, I will take the weekend.

I posted a video about the day also.

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