The Great Trickster?

Today, I spent several hours dowsing in Brno. I started at a place where I had an energy line doing a 90 degree bend. I have a few of those and I suspect that in each case, I walked in on one line and out on another. I.e. two lines cross. So I went to as place I have been twice before to check and recheck.

I immediately discovered a line I had not found before although I had at one time found one point on this line in another street I could see from my mapping software and discounted it as an erroneous one. The funny thing is that the line crossed an area I am quite familiar with but a bit higher up the hillside where to my utter amazement, I discovered a natural spring with symbols on it that show serpents!

How I had never seen this in 14 years in Brno is beyond me but….. I started to follow the line across the area – it passes in front of the spring – where I am taking the photo above in fact. I tracked it down some steps to more familiar territory. However, here I was confronted with something bizarre….

Stones dressed in clothing – two female and a middle male. I have to tell you, my first thought was the Shaman was at it again…..

From there, I headed with the line and then spent time trying to differentiate between three closely spaced lines. This area, just meters away from the City’s cathedral appears to be a node with several lines running through it so it gets a bit messy and I spend a lot of time trying to track each line away from the node. I have to laugh again as tracking one of the lines I see that it and another line are both headed towards a building in the street. Each building has similar architecture but only this one has non-standard air vent covers all along its front. Again, I smile a wry smile… the lines have a sense of humor it seems?

The air vent covers seems to me to show two lines crossing and a node of three petals! They are fairly recent but still? Something had a sense of humor don’t you think?

From here I tracked back following one line and decided to stop back home for a cup of tea. There I decided to investigate another strange twist in another line on my current map and so off I set again in a different direction. Again, I soon discovered that there were two lines not one and I set off following the new line (well partially picked up hence the bulge in the line on the map). I followed it across the hospital grounds and realised it was headed back towards the major node where I had spent so much time that morning. Yes, this new line took me back to the same place with the three stone pillars dressed as people! When I realised this, I think I had to sit down and marvel at the synchronicity involved, wonder if the force behind the universe is indeed a trickster and again, question the involvement in this of my shaman?

As I walked home, I had a number of strange realisations about reality and how we create it. It suddenly seemed to me that we are truly capable of creating our reality via imagination and acting things out so long as we then believe 150% that our reality will form – the Universe will give us what we want. It seems to me we are stuck in a matrix-like creation however in which our minds and magical energy are taken from us and used by those in power to create their version of reality. Not only must we strive to create our reality but we must also deny them our energy by not becoming trapped within the matrix and its narratives……

All that from tracking energy lines.

More work to do tomorrow. I cannot wait to see what the great Trickster has in store.

Published by G. Michael Vasey

G. Michael Vasey is a collector of paranormal stories and a magician. He studied and taught magic with a real school of hermetic sciences and these days can be found in search of the Goddess in the forests and mountains of Czechia.

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