Best Laid Plans…..

The energy lines, it seems, have a mind of their own. Or perhaps, the powers that be that govern such things do?

This last weekend, Eva and I had an opportunity to go further west and see if we could track the Templar alignment beyond Jindrichuv Hradec. It’s actually quite a hike as going direct from Brno means a lot of pretty poor back roads that for some reason at this time of year, are often closed meaning lots of tiresome detours. Given the trajectory of the line, I had an idea that Trebon should be our next port of call westwards. It is after all an historical town made famous by the one time presence of Edward Kelly and John Dee! Oh well. Best laid plans!

It took us quite a while to reach Trebon actually due to those detours mainly. However, those same detours found us passing through some really interesting places where we duly found one or other of the two Type 4 lines that form the alignment! It was almost as if the Fates or Sisters of Weird were hijacking our plans.

This continued when we had set up camp (yes, we tented) and went into town looking for dinner. We drove slowly around the magnificent chateau and old town square. We parked and explored in all directions and not once did our dowsing rods even twitch. To add to that disappointment, we both agreed that Trebon felt strange – energetically dead. This was a bit of a surprise.

The next morning, we got up and decided to walk the dogs in the park opposite where the schwarzenburg family mausoleum was situated. Its oppressive presence had already been felt the night before but as we walked by it the dead mouse and black feathers only heightened a sense of bad atmosphere there. Strangely enough, we immediately found several energy lines including tow Type 4 lines that we could identify as positive and negative polarities – the latter passing through the mausoleum. They must have known? But what was even more weird is that we had of course pitched our tent on the positive line! It was a good night sleep for tenting too.

We had breakfast and decided we would follow this line. Could it be the Templar? As we tracked it closer and closer to the Austrian border in a south-east direction, we began to realise it probably wasn’t. However, to make things even more interesting, we found another Type 4 pair of lines that initially – at a stretch – could be the Templar as well. As the day wore on, it was apparent that here we had two new lines altogether! However, they may not be new as one appears to run N-S and would pass through Jindrichuv Hradec and the Templar vortex there ( the third line we found there) and, the other is on an azimuth that might take it through the Albrechtice nad Vltavou area that Rory Duff had sent me to look at!

By now, our plans had fallen apart and we were going where the lines wanted it seemed to us. And that seemed to be towards the amazing and beautiful Chlum u Trebone. I had never heard of the place but there was a chateau there that turned out to have been the summer residence of one Archduke Ferdinand who stayed there in the nights before his assassination. However, it wasn’t that that drew our attention. Nope. It was the Baroque church on the hill with the stations of the cross leading up to it….

The church of the assumption of the virgin Mary was built in 1745 on a rocky hilltop. Everything about this pilgrimage church shouts pagan site….yet I doubt we can prove it as Czech history is sparse at best. That it is a Temple to the Sun seemed to us to be obvious given a number of signs and symbols that are best discussed in a video I will make in the coming days. Eva took a photo that not only suggested this but echoed the image painted on the roof above the alter. The energy in the place pulsed and resonated. We didn’t want to leave. It was no surprise really to find that the N-S line had a vortex on this site. It seemed only more apt to us that we would find this Temple of the Sun on the eve of the Summer Solstice.

Eva’s picture…
Church roof painting

The lines it seems, have a plan…. it is pointless making your own plans. The lines always have their way.

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G. Michael Vasey is a collector of paranormal stories and a magician. He studied and taught magic with a real school of hermetic sciences and these days can be found in search of the Goddess in the forests and mountains of Czechia.

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