More Energy Line Tracking

Today I did a couple of hours more tracking of the energy lines to the south. Starting in Rajhrad, I soon found the line that goes through the Monastry there and tracked it across town. I lost it again going into the countryside but headed towards Syrovice and the church there to see if I could pick it up there – this is a strategy that sometimes works as these line often pass through village churches. Today, I was out of luck. Not that my hunch didn’t pay off but that Syrovice was having its annual fayre and there was nowhere to park and crowds of folk everywhere!

Not quite knowing where the line may be headed, I decided to head towards Dolni Kounice and work the other line a bit…. I stopped in Pravlov (for some reason all I could thing about though was Pavlov and his dog!) and immediately hit pay dirt at the church there. The line passed straight down its aisle and across the street into a building that looked exactly where the line should go. I was then able to go street to street and track the line across Pravlov in the process discovering some nice views of Dolni Kounice and some earthworks of interest too.

According to the village website, Pravlov is quite ancient and associated with Dolni Kounice…

Pravlov – a very ancient village, which appears at the end of the 11th century, perhaps with an even older history. It was an old market settlement, which lay on the ford of the river Jihlava, later with a toll bridge, at the crossroads of very important medieval roads – from Znojmo to Brno and Hungary through southern Moravia Hustopeče-Velká BíteÅ¡ to Bohemia.

The Church too is mentioned…

Of all the monuments that have survived from the past, it is necessary to notice especially the parish church, which was dedicated to St. Martin until 1772, since then it has been the Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a Gothic building, as documented by a massive tower and supporting pillars around it, rebuilt in the Renaissance style, with repairs from 1750 to 1772. Opposite the church facade stands the rectory, which was rebuilt in 1761.

So a little bit of progress but many more hours left to do…

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