Earth Energy Healing

As I have been mapping the energy lines in Moravia for a couple of years now, I am only too aware of just how extensive they are. It is a network of energy and I have discovered just how these lines seem to connect places of importance in my life. They were plainly viewed as important in earlier times as churches and other important spiritual sites are usually placed on the lines as well.

This led me to an idea for an exercise that I’d encourage all magical people to do….

Find your nearest energy line – I have 3 passing within 100m of my home. Stand inside the line and quietly meditate. When you feel ready, send out your love to the planet and its inhabitants who all live withing this energetic and spiritual web of light. I’d encourage us all to do this regularly as it is plain that the world needs it.

We are all part of the one Thing. In the physical world, the connections between our conscious selves seems tenuous at best. But what the discovery of these lines has taught me is that we are all connected within this one Thing even on this physical plane. Our subconscious selves know this. It sees the past, present and future with clarity. It sees the links and the connections and it organises synchronicities in the hope that it will help us put a bit more attention into this other world – the bigger reality. Remember – where you place your attention is where your energy flows.

Find an energy line or a vortex. Work with it and send your loving through that line or vortex into the web of light. I’m convinced this will help heal and guide the planet to a better place.

Published by G. Michael Vasey

G. Michael Vasey is a collector of paranormal stories and a magician. He studied and taught magic with a real school of hermetic sciences and these days can be found in search of the Goddess in the forests and mountains of Czechia.

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