More Energy Line Mapping Strangeness

I had always held a belief that one of the energy lines passing through Brno would most certainly pass through Veveři Castle on Brno lake. After all, it is an ancient Castle and surely must be placed on an energy line. Well, to my utter dismay, this is simply untrue. I spent over 90 minutes walking around and around it tonight vainly seeking a line. There were none. Zip, Nada, Nitz. This left me a bit perplexed.

Driving away from the Castle away from Brno and into the country, my plan was to instead work on one of the lines and map it a bit further northwards. I held a stick in my hand driving just in case. About 300m up the road from the Castle, the stick twitched – a bit like a fish giving a nibble! I pulled over and saw that I had just passed a sizeable roadside shrine and that it had a cross on top of it – the kind of cross I have come to associate with energy lines – the one signifying the two saints who converted the Slavs.

The line did seem to stand up to scrutiny if it was a little thin and weak – despite picking it up driving. I managed to get two points a few meters apart but I needed three really to verify its direction. Yes, I ask the sticks the direction and they tell me but…. I like three points as well. So, looking at the map, I saw a small road that ought to cross the line. I drove there and parked. I walked that road three times and although I did find the line, it was really quite weak – so weak – I am not yet fully convinced. Anyway, if it is there, it is I think a new line and I was expecting this as I am lacking one of a pair. It’s alignment though is odd. So, I will need to spend more time there another day as I rather thought I had run out of time and set off home.

As luck would have it, the way home passed through KuÅ™im where one of my three lines should pass. I spotted a likely looking church on a hill and so I pulled over – still time to check I thought. As I opened my car door, there on the verge was yet another feather. Yes, I am seeing small feathers everywhere. This was a good sign!

My feather….

I walked around the church and confirmed a strong line passing more or less down its aisle. Looking up to photograph the church for my records, I saw on top of its tower the very same type of cross I had alluded to above. I was then able to map the line 500m either side of the church before, with light fading, it really was time to go home.

The church of St. Mary Magdalene in KuÅ™im was founded by King PÅ™emysl Otakar I before 1226. It was a simple single-nave building, from which the eastern part of the northern wall of the nave with part of the chancel wall has been preserved . Around the second half of the 15th century, the current prismatic tower was added to the north side of the church. Probably before the middle of the 18th century, MoÅ™ic Grimm developed a project for the overall Baroque reconstruction of the church. This took place between 1766 and 1772, but it is uncertain whether Grimm’s plans were used. All that remains of the old church is the tower and part of the north wall, otherwise the church was rebuilt as a single nave with an indented presbytery terminated by an apse. Adjacent to the northern and southern walls of the chancel are small formations with a rectangular floor plan, in the southern one was originally a sacristy, which was later moved to the northern annex, where until then there was probably a chapel. (Czech wikipedia entry).

Tracking energy lines is a lot of fun with buckets of mystery thrown in….

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