The Lords of Hradec and The Templar Line

As we have dowsed, followed and researched the Templar line, a historical family keeps on coming up – that of the Lords of Hradec. We encountered them in places like Jindrichuv Hrádec, where their five petalled yellow rose is plain to see on the ceilings and walls of the church of St. John the Baptist, to the east of Jindrichuv Hrádec, close to Vítküv Hrádec by Blažejov and more sites besides….

Who were the Lords of Hradec?

They are an ancient family in Czechia that date back to one Henry of Hradec or lord JindÅ™icha Vítkovci.  He was the founder of the independent Vítkovci family line of lords of Hradec and he used a coat of arms with five-petal golden rose on the blue background. Henry’s seat was in Jindrichuv Hrádec where a castle was built on the site of a Slavic-era fort. So, this site has significance going back to 700-800. He is also recorded as having invited the Teutonic and Templar orders to his Castle in the period 1220-1230. It was this JindÅ™ich Vítkovice of Prčice and Hradec and Bishop of Olomouc at the time that founded the monastery at Velehrad.

His son, Vitek, built the Castle at nearby Blažejov and dedicated it to the Teutonic Knights in 1267. The family was close to both the Teutonic order of knights and the Templar order of knights during this period. Vitek was also Olomouc burgrave (Witco de Novadomo Olomucensis castellanus) and he acquired some additional lands in Moravia.

Vitek’s son, Oldrich was next in line but his younger brother, Dêtrich z Hrádec was Bishop of Olomouc in 1281 – 1302. He promoted the town of Kromeriž to a city and established a collegiate chapter at the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul here in Brno. The original owner of the two Castles at Otaslavice was also this same the Bishop of Olomouc. The families symbol is even in the coat of arms of Otaslavice! To me, this confirmed that we had found the extension of the Templar alignment.

Oldrich I’s son was also an Oldrich and he had many estates in the area. His relationship with the Templar order cannot be in doubt as he donated patronage of the church in Stodůlky near Prague and he also supported the Teutonic order of Knights.

His son, Oldrich III and he contributed to the reconstruction of his castle headquarters in JindÅ™ichův Hradec, the completion of the of Church of St. John the Baptist and began the construction of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. He gave the church of St. John the Baptist to the Teutonic order before giving it to the Minorites as the basis for their monastery and replaced that by giving the Church of the Assumption of Mary to the Teutonic Knights.

The grandson of Oldrich III, Henry III also owned an estate in Telč and built the castle there.

It seems this family is somehow associated with parts of the Templar alignment. They built two churches on nodes on the line in Jindrichuv Hradec, they built a castle on the line in Telč and Jindrichuv Hradec. But more importantly, it seems that is was they who invited the Templars and closely related Teutonic knights to the region and perhaps in reality, it was these two orders who knew of the earth energies?

Published by G. Michael Vasey

G. Michael Vasey is a collector of paranormal stories and a magician. He studied and taught magic with a real school of hermetic sciences and these days can be found in search of the Goddess in the forests and mountains of Czechia.

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