Earth Energies and Us

Yesterday, I spent part of the afternoon hiking with my daughter as it is half-term here. She wasn’t keen. Walking and hiking is for old people apparently! Despite that, I did manage to drag her out for a couple of hours. We drove a little east of Brno where I knew there was a nice stream valley that could take a short hike up. There used to be a castle on the hilltop at the end and halfway along was the site of an old Slavic settlement. The settlement had been abandoned in the 1300’s when the Castle was built.

It was sunny and not too cold. A great day for it. The first 500m were a constant stream of out loud disgust at walking, nature and dowsing from my daughter but after a while, it stopped. She began to enjoy it.

As we walked up the valley, I pointed out the conglomerates cropping out on one side. I explained how the deposit happened and even showed her which way the water currents were flowing based on the pebble alignment in the rock. She wanted fossils but I told her that there would be no fossils in such a high-energy environment. Some layers held huge rounded gneiss cobbles and others smaller pebbles held in a coarse-grained sand. Plainly, this was very high-energy at times.

When we finally reached the site of the Castle, there was nothing to see except the hillside and a sign showing how it may have looked. She was intrigued as to why it was sited there and who would have lived there. I told her that this area was the site of a trade route where salt and amber and other things were traded. She likened it to Skyrim – a role playing computer game and I had to admit, it did resemble the game in terms of look and use. On the way back, I pointed out the settlement site – now just a field. She and her dog enjoyed it I think.

However, for me it confirmed that there really is a relationship between earth energies and us. I encountered two pairs of type 4 lines on the trek. The first pair passed through the settlement site and the second pair through the Castle site. Amazing.

My research here has already convinced me that the Slavs (800-1100) were well aware of the energy lines. Every site and every church on every site is situated on lines. My other research has shown how churches and castles etc., are often sited on the lines as well. The question is – was this deliberate or accidental in the sense that the energies were detected but only as a – nice place here – lets build? Are the lines attracted to human conscious intent? This is an area I become increasingly interested in. And why do the lines often appear to have a knowledge of my past?

It’s a wonderful mystery…..

Published by G. Michael Vasey

G. Michael Vasey is a collector of paranormal stories and a magician. He studied and taught magic with a real school of hermetic sciences and these days can be found in search of the Goddess in the forests and mountains of Czechia.

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