A Pulsating Web

I have come to look at the Earth energy lines and vortices as a web of rivers of light. You can perhaps liken it to the vessels and nerves of the living planet that we live on. Gaia or in the slavic realms Mokosh Herself. It is a true gift from the Divine to find that not only can I dowse some of these aspects of the living being that is our planet but that I now understand that it relates to me personally and deeply.

Not only do I now stop at energy lines and silently flood them with love and hope that I know will spread throughout the entire world but I also send healing. I have come to see the vortices as power centers that can supplement and magnify my and your efforts and beyond that perhaps even points that connect other dimensions to this one. I do think that meditating at these vortices we can help heal humanity and this planet but we can also heal ourselves and raise our consciousness to access other places of being and reality. Perhaps, we can even communicate between one another using the planetary net rather like the internet?

Over the weekend, I start to research the three sisters of Wyrd. They are found in almost all pantheons and systems in one form or another. The three sisters who spin the web of fate – connective and individual. The rivers of light that are the energy lines appear to me increasingly to perhaps be behind these myths. And anyone who has read the amazing book Way of Wyrd will know what I mean and just how perhaps this web might be used (and abused).

I believe that it is increasingly important that we work with this web, the wyrd. I urge anyone who is interested to join me and if in Moravia, contact me, so that we can work together.

Published by G. Michael Vasey

G. Michael Vasey is a collector of paranormal stories and a magician. He studied and taught magic with a real school of hermetic sciences and these days can be found in search of the Goddess in the forests and mountains of Czechia.

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