One of Those Days And A Mystery Perhaps Solved?

On Monday, Eva and I set off to do a bit more work on the lines. We both now have 125cc scooters and we were looking forward to venturing out on them and dowsing. The scooters give us access to places you can’t get in a car! After a quick chat, we decided we hadContinue reading “One of Those Days And A Mystery Perhaps Solved?”

Tracking the Second Line

The week before last, we encountered two 90-pace wide lines that were not the Templar alignment lines. Suddenly, some things made sense or potentially they do anyway. Time will tell. This last weekend, we went a bit farther afield and tracked the Templar lines on a couple more points almost reaching Trebic and then weContinue reading “Tracking the Second Line”

Another Type 4 and Super Wierdness

This weekend, we had little time to do some more work on the Type 4 Templar alignment but we did manage a quick trip Sunday afternoon. The plan was to drive up towards Velká Biteš on a smaller road and see f we could locate another position for the Perun and Mokosh energy lines alongContinue reading “Another Type 4 and Super Wierdness”