Mikulčice and Earth Energies

After visiting the magical forest around Pohansko – complete with Ents! we went on to another Slavic settlement site close by. In the 9th century, the early mediaeval hillfort Valy near Mikulčice, was one of the most important Great Moravian centers in the region. Unfortunately, it is not known what the settlement’s name was orContinue reading “Mikulčice and Earth Energies”

The Slavic Settlement of Pohansko

Last weekend, I visited two more sites where Slavs are known to have settled in the 700-1200 timeframe. The first was Pohansko south of Braclav. To visit the site, you need to park up and walk through a remarkable forest that is full of large ancient trees – often dead – surrounded by vibrant livingContinue reading “The Slavic Settlement of Pohansko”

The Mysterious Řeznovice Church of Sts. Peter and Paul

This weekend, I was able to visit several sites around Brno. The first was the church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Řeznovice that I had noticed passing by on a recce trip to the Templstejn area in the Jihlava valley south of Brno. I stopped at the church because it simply doesn’t look like aContinue reading “The Mysterious Řeznovice Church of Sts. Peter and Paul”